DOCOMO to conduct discount campaign for LTE smartphones


NTT DOCOMO Inc says that customers purchasing smartphones compatible with the company’s extra-high-speed LTE service Xi, which surpassed six million subscribers in September, will be able to cut their basic monthly charge to zero during a discount campaign for DOCOMO Xi smartphones starting on Oct 18.

Customers will enjoy monthly discounts of up to 780 yen, equivalent to the monthly basic charge, for up to 13 months if they purchase a Xi-compatible smartphone and sign up for the Type Xi Plan Ninen two-year billing plan, or the Type Xi billing plan combined with a Hearty Discount for disabled users, between Oct 18 and Dec 31.

Subscribers who have been with the company for at least 10 consecutive years and purchase a Xi-compatible smartphone by December 31 will receive an additional 12 months of discounts, meaning they will be able to reduce their monthly bills by up to 780 yen for a maximum of 25 months.

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Ok docomo, why is a Galaxy S3 still a whopping 75,000 yen (the full price!) on a two year plan (paying back at 3000/24m or 6000/12m) yet in the USA for example a Galaxy S3 on a two year plan is the equivalent of 17,000 yen?? docomo, how about some REAL discounts on the two year handset plans - not token gestures on your LTE.

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Uh-oh! Get ready for the police to step in and say it's against the backdoor agreements by all phone companies to jack and up keep prices high and at the same rate to avoid serious competition! I mean, why can Docomo do this while Softbank is not allowed to give free trade-ins for new smart phones?

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Don't get fooled by Docomo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you are using the LTE you will have a 7GB limit on your bandwidth. If you reach that, your so called "LTE" will only be running 128kb/s or 16KB/s. If you want additional 2GB you need to pay extra 2,625 yen!!! It is crazy.

You can reach 7GB easily by just watching YOUTUBE for 24 hours!

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lol... I have a LTE phone and yes, there is that 7GB limit. I've never reached that... I do a lot of internet radio and streaming.. pretty much everyday.. but come on.. saying by watching Youtube for 24 hours?? Who in there right mind would do that? That made me laugh. But serious... there is a limit (which is stupid) but you really need to be doing online for a loooong time to come close to that per month. I've gotten close one month at 5.4 GB.

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LTE?? Sorry but I like the ELT, Every Little Thing gag by Softbank better!

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@Brian Sutton Hehehehe. Sorry to confuse you, but 24 hours can also be: watching youtube for at least 1 hour everyday for 30 days. ʕ•ᴥ•ʔV

Reminder to all 6 million subscribers: The campaign with unlimited bandwidth has ended last September 30,2012.

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unlimited bandwidth correction! not unlimited bandwidth. It should be "Unlimited data packets".

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Hehehehe. Sorry to confuse you, but 24 hours can also be: watching youtube for at least 1 hour everyday for 30 days. ʕ•ᴥ•ʔV

I don't think there's enough cat videos and the like to ever make me subject myself to that.

Seriously, in the last 2 years I've never exceeded 500MB of packet data in a month, and only went over 300MB twice. (Disclaimer - I have wifi switched on at work/home)

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