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Docomo to introduce latest R&D at online event


NTT Docomo has announced that "docomo Open House' 23 -- Creating a Future with You," an online event to be held next February 2 to 28, will present 21 exhibits showcasing the company's latest initiatives and offerings. The Open House will be accessible to the general public without registration and the event's preview website is online from 3:00 p.m. today to allow people to view basic information about the exhibits and overall event.

The Open House will introduce the latest initiatives of the Docomo group in six fields: 5G Evolution & 6G, networking, healthcare, urban design, communication and mobility as a service (MaaS). The 5G Evolution & 6G displays will include the latest technologies for human-augmentation platform, including ultra-low-latency networks, and showcase technologies for all-new devices to realize the Innovative Optical and Wireless Network (IOWN) concept. In addition, examples of how the company is cooperating with partners to create new businesses and other innovations also will be displayed.

Under the slogan "It's no longer fantasy," exhibits will be presented in a "Vision Visualize" format to comprehensively cover each theme's overview in order to help visitors conceptualize the highly advanced technologies and projects that Docomo will introduce in the foreseeable future.

In to the coming 6G era, Docomo is looking forward to delivering many surprises and exciting new developments by accelerating its research and development of innovative new businesses as well as creating new value in collaboration with a growing range of partners.

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While Japanese are just getting 4glte

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@Yrral. What are you talking about? There are only a few small pockets where I DON'T get 5G - true 5G. - like 800mb+ actual download speed. Not like the US carriers that are using low band carrier frequencies. I downloaded a 50 minute show off Netflix in HDR in less than 15 seconds two nights ago to my phone. Seriously mate - you're not here.

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The problem with buying new stuff in Japan, is that it's new, and often stays in Japan and never goes Global, and if it does, then it's totally incompatible with what you may have bought here.

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A nice example of that, is with Brother printers - Japan versions have clearly Japanese software, but it's incompatible with Western Multilingual Windows 10 installations - and forget about using an equivalent driver from the US store... there isn't one!

So be wary. Brother is just an example, I have a huge list....

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We have had 4G for a long time. We are starting to get 5G in some spots with more coming every day. We are in the countryside. On average about four times the speed of 4G.

Using Macs/Apple devices have no problems with any printer.

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@TokyoOldMan - This is not the case with 5G. It truly is a global standard. Like @wallace - Not had a problem with printers in years on both Windows or MacOS.

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