Docomo to introduce new billing plan and discount services


NTT Docomo announced Thursday that it will offer a new billing plan and two new discount services for users of its 3G FOMATM and LTE Xi mobile networks beginning June 1.

The new billing plan, called "Kake-hodai & Pake-aeru," will enable all Kake-hodai plan subscribers to make nationwide voice calls for a flat monthly rate. Furthermore, the plan enables customers to set and share monthly data quotas with family members and corporate users based on the type of mobile device they are using, and the purposes of their usage. In total, customers will be able to choose from six types of basic monthly fees and seven levels of data-quota sharing (21 levels for corporate users).

If monthly data use exceeds the customer's selected limit, they can continue to use data at the reduced communication speed of 128 kbps maximum, or enjoy their regular data speed for 1,000 yen per 1GB for the rest of the month.

The new Zutto Docomo Discount provides savings on a graduated basis for subscribers who have been with Docomo for at least six years. Also, the new U25 Ouen Discount offers helpful discounts for budget-minded customers of age 25 or younger.

See details of plan here.

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This is a desperate attempt to get back some of the money they lost when every young person in the country switched to Line for virtually all messaging and calling. They missed their window by several years though. Maybe some older people and corporate customers will jump on this promotion - everyone else will ignore it and continue using Line instead.

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Borax, agreed, I've had people refuse to call or message me because I don't use Line, they said "I'm not going to pay to send you a message".

I just wish Docomo would release the S5 in Japan.

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I just wish Docomo would release the S5 in Japan.

It will be released as a summer model I think

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people who left Docomo because they didn't carry the iPhone, are coming back and I guess this move will help getting them back in droves. Everyone I know around me is fed up with Softbank's (and also emobile's) trashy web connection and the 1Gb in three-day cap is a big inconvenience for a lot of people. By the way, AU(KDDI) is also planning a similar data/voice price-plan implementation for later this year.

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This is nothing new. Will still be overpriced.

I went back home recently and got a prepaid sim (on a phone which I had to pay ¥3150 to unlock - love Japanese carriers...). For he equivalent of 3000 yen I got 250mins of call credit and 500MB data - but Twitter & FB were unlimited.

And that's what's wrong with the telco industry in Japan, folks.

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cnc: Docomo is no better or worse IMO than Softbank for a data connection.

therougou: Yep read the same thing, pity the rest of the world has already got it.

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The people I feel sorry for are not the end users--for what you can do with a smartphone these days, I think you get your money's worth, mostly--but the mobile phone shop employees who have to memorize and be able to explain these endless combinations of phones and payment plans and options. It's worse than working in a convenience store!

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Softbank Japan iPhone info on unlock?

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WOW!, Gee THANKS ! (NO thanks, I did just FINE WITHOUT A CELL PHONE AT ALL the last time I stayed in Japan for over a YEAR. Good old fashioned PAY phones work just FINE. NO RIDICULOUS monthly charges.

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Not much difference. Still overpriced.

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When was that?

I haven't seen a pay phone in Japan for years now.

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The market for unlocked phones and cheap plan sims is slowly but steadily increasing in Japan though. Good to see that there is some alternatives to the overpriced data plans from the big three (search "cut phone bill half japan" in google)

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With all the scam unlocking sites, can anyone recommend one for Softbank Japan iPhone?

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But we'd already been having unlimited calling and unlimited text and GBs of data.

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All you can talk + 2GB data plan start from 6500 Yen,

Still expensive. EMobile 5GB Data + Free calls to Softbank Network start at 2525 Yen.

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changamangaliayAPR. 11, 2014 - 04:39PM JST All you can talk + 2GB data plan start from 6500 Yen, Still expensive. EMobile 5GB Data + Free calls to Softbank Network start at 2525 Yen.

You have got to be kidding me! WIMAX from UQ is UNLIMITED, not 5GB from your EMobile or 1GB from this Docomo or the 7GB/10GB from the current LTE Docomo. UNLIMITED! you know what I mean. Watch all youtube videos in High Def all you want. And mucchhhhhhhh cheaper than this Docomo scheme. I pay only 3999Yen.

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Before docomo was #1 but now it's softbank but they want it back and all the customers they've lost. Now it's more cheaper but LINE's already here, too late unless they will give it all for free!! And then Ifone 6's tug o war plus AU and more... It's more fun in Japan!!

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Now is the time for DoCoMo to go after Softbank by lowering rates. Softbank has wheeled and dealed itself in to a very tight financial spot. If DoCoMo now starts a price war they could really hurt Mr. Son.

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Went to a local Docomo recently. The listed plans just add to the price per month. Who wants to pay 13,000 yen a month for a freaking iPhone. Jeez... Talk about a ripoff.

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