Docomo to launch optical-fiber broadband service with bundled discounts


NTT Docomo, a personalized mobile solutions provider for smarter living, announced today that it will begin offering "docomo Hikari," a superfast optical-fiber broadband service, combined with "docomo Hikari Pack" bundled discounts with mobile subscribers. The launch date is targeted at March 1.

The optical-fiber service, which includes Internet access, will offer individuals and companies unlimited Internet connection at speeds of up to 1Gbps. Customers will not have to contract with a separate Internet service provider (ISP) since they can simply select from among many available ISPs. Customers also can subscribe to just the optical fiber broadband service. By integrating ISP, wired and wireless services, Docomo's one-stop service will simplify the subscription process and customer support.

Customers who sign up for the optical-fiber service will be eligible for docomo Hikari Pack discounts with the existing mobile basic monthly charges, called "Kake-hodai Plan" and "Data Plan." A wide range of discounts based on Docomo mobile users' data quotas will be available, with especially attractive offers for those with higher data quotas.

"Zutto Docomo Wari" discounts for subscribers who have been with Docomo for at least six years and "U25 Ouen Wari" discounts for budget-minded customers up to age 25, both launched last June, can be applied to docomo Hikari Pack for further discounts.

Docomo will start receiving pre-applications for docomo Hikari and docomo Hikari Pack from Feb 16.

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Did J-Gov have an initiative to bring fiber to the home a few years ago? It's only now that they are offering GB. The fastest broadband speed is 1.4 TB. At least they are trying. Faster is better.

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I wish they would have clear pricing. Whenever I look at DoCoMo there are so many different fees it's difficult to work out what you would actually pay.

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Sonet's "nuro-something-or other-whatchamacallit" service is 5-7 Gb. Unfortunately it can only be installed up to a second floor of a building. I'm on the 3rd floor > <

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@ka_chan The Australian gov has been bickering about fibre to the home for decades and now we're only putting it in to the nearest node, with capacity for around 25Mb/s (with the maximum possible reaching 100Mb/s) ... 1Gb/s would be a miracle down in Australia, maybe we'll see those kinds of speeds in 100 years time ..... that is if we haven't destroyed the world by then, and by that time, you will be well beyond 1Tb/s for home connections.

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