Docomo unveils 5 new LTE-compatible smart devices


NTT Docomo on Tuesday unveiled three new smartphones and two new tablets, all compatible with the company’s Xi LTE mobile service, for launch in or after September.

Key features of the new lineup include the following:

  • All models are capable of a maximum downlink speed of 75 Mbps and run on Android 4.0.
  • Three of the five models are compatible with the NOTTV V-high multimedia broadcasting service, including the first NOTTV-compatible GALAXY tablet.
  • One smartphone with an enhanced quad core CPU and four models, including both tablets, with dual core CPUs.
  • One model designed collaboratively with fashion leader Vivienne Westwood.
  • Tablets with 7-inch-class screens for dynamic enjoyment of video and Internet content.
  • Some models are equipped for water resistance, Osaifu-Keitai mobile wallet and/or infrared communication, and all models are equipped for One-Seg terrestrial digital broadcasting and tethering.
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Nice,shame about docomo's ridiculously priced plans.

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Looking forward to black berry 10 and new playbook on this network.

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@CaveDweller: Haha - compared to what? Softbanks service? You get what you pay for..a network that is reliable and fast.

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The LG is a monster specs-wise, but their history with past models (in Japan and elsewhere) makes me skeptical that it'll be any good.

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I want a Keitai mostly for making calls and taking messages, the rest are extras many of which been available for years.

A smart-phone, pad still can't replace a real PC, etc unless you like typing on a small keyboard and got limited access to stuff like cd's, dvd's, etc.

Of course you can buy the same stuff/online but why have multiple devices that can do most of the same functions.

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I am faster using my PC(Mac) to find a location on google maps, etc than my friends using their smart-phones. Ditto for many other applications/uses.

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Every seaskn they are introducing 5 to 20 android devices. But their software upgradation is very very slow when compare to rest of the world. Still they upgrade only one device(sc-02d) to android 4.0. Other devices are waittttinnnggggg. So sad...

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I agree.. I have a Optimus LTE and read that Docomo was going to upgrade my phone to 4.0 Well where is the update? Do I need to go in a Docomo shop to get this thing updated?

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The 4.0 upgrades for last year's summer/fall models are slowly starting to trickle out. SC-02C got a (finally working) one last month (too late for me, I already switched to CM10 Jelly Bean preview version on that phone) and the SC-01D just a couple days ago.

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