Docomo unveils first tablets for LTE service


NTT Docomo Inc on Thursday unveiled the first tablets compatible with its extra-high-speed next-generation LTE service, Xi. The docomo Tablet GALAXY Tab 10.1 LTE SC-01D will go on sale in Japan in the beginning of October and the docomo Tablet ARROWS Tab LTE F-01D in the middle of October.

Both tablets feature large 10.1-inch displays and are powered by dual core CPUs running on Android 3.2. The light, thin and fast docomo Tablet GALAXY Tab 10.1 LTE SC-01D is Docomo's LTE-optimized version of the GALAXY Tab 10.1, the latest large-screen tablet in the globally popular GALAXY series. Customized for Docomo services such as sp-mode, docomo market and Area Mail, the device offers excellent operability and mobility. Its 8.6mm body weighs just 565g and it comes with a high-capacity 7,000 mAh battery.

The docomo Tablet ARROWS Tab LTE F-01D, the first Android-based tablet manufactured by Fujitsu Limited, also boasts a thin, lightweight body, measuring 11.3mm thick and weighing just 597g. Its IPX5/IPX7 waterproof design enables users to enjoy video and one-seg mobile TV even while relaxing in the bathtub. Highly convenient Hand Gesture Control enables operations to be performed with simple hand gestures without touching the device - perfect for checking recipes or performing other tasks while the user's hands are wet or messy.

In conjunction with the launch of these inaugural Xi-compatible tablets, Docomo will offer four new broadband applications, including the popular Hulu and Qik Video services, which are specially suited to Xi's high-spec mobile video/TV, communications and online gaming capabilities.

In addition, Docomo will partially reorganize its device lineup by establishing a separate series for tablets, called docomo Tablet, in recognition of the growing number of tablets in the market and the differences in usage and needs compared to smartphones. Going forward, Docomo will work closely with content providers to steadily expand the range and attractiveness of docomo Tablet content for enhanced user experiences.

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Monthly service cost?

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dual core CPUs

Unless you tell us the type of CPU this means nothing.

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Unless you tell us the type of CPU this means nothing.

Must the articles tell you everything?

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Unless you tell us the type of CPU this means nothing.

Even if they'd tell you, it would probably still not mean much now, isn't it? ;) If you are into this topic, you should already know what the CPU is..

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supposedly they are pricing both in the low 20,000 with 7gigs of data/month for around 6,000. that's a pretty attractive price when you factor in that it's about the same size and weight as the Ipad.

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Just the thing to take up even more space on crowded commuter trains than smartphones do already.

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Smorkian: Yes the article should report the type of processor if they are going to say "dual core", I'm just letting JT know that.

ebisen: If they told me what the CPU was I would know what the CPU is, I don't get what you are saying.

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Tablet GALAXY has 1.5GHz dual core CPU (MDM 9200/APQ 8060). Tablet ARROWS has 1.0GHz dual core CPU (OMAP4). Hulu is pre-installed and monthly service charge is 1,480 yen.

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i heard that apple wants to shut down all samsung tablets and phones selling in japan. wonder what will happen to the galaxy-docomo tablet then. but anyway, you can be sure the high speed connection comes with a brutally high ripoff price. it seems that here in japan all telephone companies are fixing their prices, not competing. hope japanese wake up one day and revolt against this, they are being ripped of by the japanese-telephone-yakuza.

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Japan is famous for price-fixing for any services or products.. about TAB it will sell good as its coming with Docomo as softbank still sucks.and its all depend on patent dispute between apple vs Samsung ., Let see who wins..

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Gogogo, please read what Joe has written...Now, did that told you anything?

What I meant to was that even if jt would have listed the processor type, less than 1 person in 10000 understands what it means in terms of specs, performance and price. This tablet (including it's processor) was announced many months ago, and it destroys the ipad 2 in almost every aspect.that's why the nazi apple wants it out of the market..

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No keyboard?

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What a plasticky ugly looking piece of junk. In any case, if anyone wants to get an Ipad 2 on the cheap they are basically free-18,000 yen from Bic Camera if you sign up for a home internet plan. You have to ask for the discount and keep asking until you find the right salesperson. I got mine so cheap I let my daughter use it watch anpanman.

Softbank's data plan is as much as you want to use and is much better priced than this thing.

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