Docomo unveils Xperia ray SO-03C smartphone


NTT Docomo Inc on Wednesday announced the launch of its Xperia ray SO-03C smartphone. Manufactured by Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications, the new Xperia model boasts a thin, lightweight aluminum body that is just 53 mm wide.

The Xperia ray SO-03C is powered by a fast 1GHz CPU and built on the Android) 2.3 operating system. The new handset incorporates several of Sony's advanced technologies, such as the xLOUD audio technology, which delivers unprecedented sound, and an Exmor R for mobile-powered 8.1-megapixel camera with face-detection and autofocus features to ensure superior quality videos and images.

Other features of the Xperia ray SO-03C include a high-resolution, 3.3-inch touchscreen Reality Display utilizing the Mobile BRAVIA Engine, and Sony Ericson's POBox Touch 4.3, a unique predictive text-input system that makes typing in either Japanese or English quicker and easier.

Available in three stylish and attractive colors, the Xperia ray SO-03C will hit Docomo shops on Aug 27. Pre-orders will be accepted from Friday.

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Sounds more like some kind of alien weapon than something you make phone calls with... :-p

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Still Sony has to prefect the battery life in the handset instead of making it thinner make it last longer ! That is what the consumer wants!

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and a tiny screen to begin with - who need the Bravia engine on a 3 inch display ?

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i LOVE how all these new smart phones copy Apple!

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How is this phone copying Apple?

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Valmain: All smart phones have copies Apple. They all have the screen with main four functions at the bottom, and one moveable button bottom center. The only difference is that some companies chose a square or diamond-shaped button in place of the circle used by Apple.

You're right, though, in terms of them not being close in terms of quality -- how could they copy that?

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you are being biased.

first off, you may not have heard of the likes of HTC, which were building big screen, central button phones before iPhone came to life mid 2007.

secondly, quality and iPhones are two terms that are far from being a perfect match. unless you lived under a rock, there were literally hundreds of thousands of people reporting design flaws resulting in malfunctions such as sudden loss of connectivity, missing functions, inexplicably freezing to death or getting weirdly hot.

I am not a fan of Sony Ericsson or any other brand for that matter, but I consider myself an educated consumer and I believe we should be objective when making public statements.

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Sorry Razvan, but I agree with Smithinjapan.

NeXT predates HTC.

In addition, Android, like Microsoft (RIP) tries to be everybody's friend, but is fragmented and malware ridden to a point where there are antivirus applications for it.

As for the interface, like Smith-san says, they all ripped off the iPhone.

Apple innovates, Microsoft and Android copy.

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Acquire or buy a Sony Ericsson phone for its camera capability. One of the best in the market, with a resolution, color capturing capability better than a similarly pixels rated proprietary camera.

One caveat though, this phone is not for the short-tempered.

My current unit made by the same company, is always ready to drive me nuts with its redundant, poorly written all-over English user's menu.

Definitely, will promptly cut subscription once contract ends.

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Acquire or buy a Sony Ericsson phone for its camera capability. One of the best in the market, with a resolution, color capturing capability better than a similarly pixels rated proprietary camera.

Yeah, that's a good idea, because nothing is more important in a telephone than the quality of the pictures it takes.

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There's a lot of Apple fanboyism on this thread... and on any where discussions turn to smartphones.

First, the iPhone wasn't the first phone based only on a touchscreen as interface. It was preceded by the LG Prada and the first HTC Touch, which ran on Windows Mobile. However, Apple has a lot of fans who serve as early adapters to their new technology, which meant that the iPhone had significant impact on smartphones, and has shaped expectations. Apple can also put expensive technology on their devices and price them accordingly because they know the iFans will queue up to buy their stuff nonetheless.

Second, Android isn't copied off of iOS. It may be said to be inspired by the expectations created by the iPhone (like multiple screens you can scroll through by swiping), but it is its own thing. It also had many innovations on iOS, like multitasking, widgets on homescreens and a much better notification system. Apple has had to react to this by modifying iOS to match what Android offers. If you want to talk about apps, the iPhone wasn't the first smartphone to allow the installation of third party applications. It did innovate by allowing the installation of apps directly from an online store, but that's just a natural evolution.

This is what is called "competition". Each side has to keep trying to one-up the other by offering similar or superior features to the other. Some extent of copying, or "inspiration", is inevitable, and not to be used against either side (unless one is outright stealing the work of the other, which isn't the case here).

Third, Android's philosophy is open software. That has benefits and drawbacks compared to the "walled garden" approach that Apple prefers. I personally much prefer Android's approach, which makes it much more flexible than iOS ever can be.

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Do smart-phones do anything a laptop can't do, or for that matter anything useful. Like I said before, they're expensive toys and nothing more.

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Jeffrey - they fit in my friggin' pocket... Show me any laptop that doest that...

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What? A laptop too heavy? /s Why do you need a computer near you 24/7?

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Android Phones are not really copies of IPhones. I have had both. I had the IPhone first provided by Soft Bank which I have to say has the worst service on earth for mobile phones. I got sick of not being able to do want I wanted with the phone I paid for. All of that apple proprietary garbage is totally unappealing. The apple interface actual seems some what reminiscent of the old Windows Mobile OS or Palm OS that was on hand helds and PDA like the Dell Axim etc.. back in the day. As far as the Sony Ericsson phones go I got the SO-01B the day it came out from DoCoMo and tossed my old IPhone. The Android based Sony phone has been superior in every aspect to the IPhone. I understand that people are biased and have brand loyalty and that is good for you but I personally will never buy and Apple piece of hardware every again.

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Samsungs new galaxy is miles ahead of apples iphone in all aspects.

Samsung are suing apple for copying so leaves the "smartphones are copys of apple" argument abit lame doesnt it?

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and a tiny screen to begin with - who need the Bravia engine on a 3 inch display ?

Marketed mainly for the female users who seemingly would like the smaller version of the Xperia models

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To person who said that companies copy the apple smart phone, you should realize that some of the KEY components inside apples are made by Japanese companies.

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Sony is still fooling user with their android phones.i used xperia and dont want anymore sony xperia series. except nice camera they forget that its mobile and UI is very poor.Samsumg is much better choice than sony. Sony need to change the management.

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