Docomo's iD-brand mobile credit payments to be accepted by MasterCard PayPass merchants


NTT Docomo and MasterCard, a technology company in the global payments industry, on Tuesday announced the upcoming commercial launch of iD/PayPass-branded payments via Docomo’s iD mobile credit payment system. The launch will open up some 1.2 million MasterCard PayPass acceptance locations in over 50 countries to iD users beginning Feb 5, 2014.

Payments with iD/PayPass will be available to Docomo subscribers using smartphones equipped with a contactless chip for Osaifu-Keitai (mobile phones with wallet functions) via near field communication (NFC). Current iD users can simply tap their smartphone over a reader device to make payments at MasterCard PayPass affiliate merchants outside Japan using either local currency or yen, eliminating the need to carry cash in an unfamiliar local currency.

The iD/PayPass payment feature uses PayPass technology, a worldwide payment standard deployed by MasterCard via contactless IC chips.

In Japan, Docomo subscribers will be able to use its proprietary iD system for mobile credit payments via some 500,000 iD reader devices offered by affiliate merchants.

Customers will be able to experience iD/PayPass payments during a special pre-launch campaign offered by Docomo in Hawaii during the JAL Honolulu Marathon 2013 in December.

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There is sneaky Docomo lockin in this scheme though: The secure data is stored in the Docomo SIM card, forcing you to use their expensive roaming service at 1980 yen/day if you want to use contactless payments.

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The data is not stored at the sim card but at the NFC system Built on the phone.

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No its not. It is stored on the phone for domestic payments using Felica technology. This service uses NFC-A technology and stores the secure data on the SIM card. People with old (red) SIMs need to get a (free) replacement card (pink).

See for details:

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I don't know about iD, but for Mobile Suica and Edy, you don't need the SIM card in the phone to use the payment card, only to recharge it. Once the payment card is written to the phone's NFC store, you don't even need the phone to be turned on for it to work, let a lone a SIM inserted.

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Mobile Suica and Edy are domestic Felica apps. The international iD/Paypass is NFC-A based. Again, please read the link I posted earlier and the following one:

Clearly shows the SIM requirement for this service.

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