Doctors warn about Facebook use and teen depression


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Teenagers are always depressed. They blamed it on music. They blamed it on personal diaries. And now they blame it on Facebook.

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“It’s like a big popularity contest—who can get the most friend requests or get the most pictures tagged,” she said.

I have 29 friends on Facebook, and they're all old friends. Some of my friends have 500+ "friends", I doubt I even know 500 people, let alone have 500 real friends. And I'm tagged in 5 pictures. Am I a loser? The vapid people who try and get as many "friends" as possible are more losers. How kids can get depressed about such a pathetic thing is a mystery to me.

Wait till they grow up and have to think about debt and the economy etc. If the younger generation are so foppish and weak-minded, we're going to have a spate of suicides when they reach 30 or so.

I agree with jason6 too. What will the next thing be?

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It was the Beatles way back when, then modern TV, then personal computers, now this; people will always find something to blame to current woes on, without seeing them as what they are -- young kids being stressed out. Show me a group of young people who have no stress and I'll show you the cure.

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Facebook was one of the virtual social networks created under the impacts of globalization, outsourcing, internet-based websites and technology-driven laziness since 1990s. The remedy for social diseases or unhealthy technology-based communication is ... people can guess ... the collaboration of the government, schools, parents, business firms, ... the way people earn money ...

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It was the Beatles way back when

when??? what??? Were the Beatles responsible for stressing adolescents? Maybe I misread you here, but I am sure they were not. Don't know about you, but I experienced the era as a teenager to the fullest. If anything the Beatles and the myriads of pop groups of the time un-stressed young people and stressed the older generation.

Facebook is an entirely different phenomenon. People get sucked into a virtual world of nothingness called 'friends'. Connecting with (real) friends and family, sharing pictures and exchanging ideas can be done through regular email.

Providing the opportunity to everyone to build and function in a fantasy world with a computer portal has hidden dangers. People unlearn how to deal with real people in real situations. And this risk is all the greater to adolescents who fail experience in the real world. Those who are denied this experience because for example both parents have full time jobs, the family do not interact, everyone leads his separate life in his separate space at different times.

Excuse me, what is the cure?

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Actually the proper word should be "acquaintance" or "people I know" instead of "Friends". Maybe "contacts"? But "contacts" does not necessarily mean really knowing that person... I think this is a huge misconception with the Facebook usage of the "Friend" word. I have 84 "friends" but they are not all my friends, in the real meaning of the word, they are just people I know, and I can tell about each one of those people how I know them. I will also not accept any friendship requests from people that I DON'T know.

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