Dogecoin: 'Joke' virtual currency touted by Elon Musk


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Call me super old-fashioned, but I like my currencies attached to governmental entities.

The fact someone could invest in anything that would be so volatile that it could be influenced by an SNL monologue speaks volumes. Too many idiots in these markets.

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I am all for cryptocurrencies but I won't do anything serious with DOGE. It adds 14.4M DOGE per day, that's quite a lot of daily fiat necessary to only keep it afloat.

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I'm sure Musk cashed out a few weeks ago.

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All the cryptocurrencies went down and came up again. The cause might as easily have been the Aquariid meteor shower as Elon Musk.

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Folly to doubt anything cannot have value. Pieces of paper with someones face and a number on it is as silly as anything else and whats more, its controlled by central entities and being created out of thin air all to the benefit of those who control it. Cryptocurrencies are created in a completely open and free way and its up to the people if it is of any value or not. People who bash it are the same - out of touch and stuck in the past.

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Elon buys a bunch of "anything"... touts it as the next great thing...... Elon's fanboys buy into it ........ Elon quietly sells and makes a fortune.

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Lots of people play Elon says..

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What serious can be a VIRTUAL "currency" that DO NOT EXIST, fluctuates because the jokes of a "celebrity" in SNL and has for mame a silly dog??..

Do You want to invest??.. Invest in REAL and LEGAL things.. Hard work and time give REAL RESULTS !!.. Not a childish fake cryptocurrency !!..

Call me super old-fashioned, but I like my currencies attached to governmental entities.

You're not old fashioned, you're a smart and common sensed person..

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Musk is also a vocal supporter of the world's most popular virtual currency bitcoin, adding to its soaring value earlier this year.

Badly aged writing.

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