Don't call him CEO: Jack Dorsey says he's 'Block Head' now


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Looking forward to him leaving the board when Elon Musk takes over Twitter and restores freedom of speech to the platform

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We will not allow Musk to take over the Twitter ....... We democrats, socialist , communists and liberal do not support free speech. We will do anything to stop him.... The world should hear what we tell ... And we will decide what the world should speak. We are liberals ....

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I would never use Square, due to it being a USA centred financial service.

By being that it can and has been ordered to seize payments from non American (USA) businesses not even done in or through the USA other than Square's own bank.

This is just one example.

So a coffee shop in Japan that sells Cuban coffee or a bar that sells Cuban cigars, or even a confectionery that uses Cuban sugar, and uses Square as their payment received method, can find their money seized by USA authorities as the linked person did.

Block head sounds perfect for their CEO perhaps the company shouldn't also change its name to "Blocked" it would be more accurate.

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"Freedom of speech" doesn't apply to companies.

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Block head sounds perfect for their CEO

If he says so. Whom the cap fits, let them wear it.

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Blockhead. Pretty sure he's been rightly called worse things.

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Why does this song come to mind? (Blockheads by Ian Dury and Blockheads)

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Dorsey owns a 2 percent stake in Twitter, so if the proposal goes through he will be paid nearly a billion dollars. He might have to send Elon a nice old fashioned Hallmark card to say thanks.

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In the UK, 'blockhead' means 'idiot'.

Quote: I would never use Square, due to it being a USA centred financial service.

Like Visa, Mastercard and PayPal. Exactly how do you pay for stuff?

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Hervé L'EisaApr. 25  04:12 pm JST

Blockhead. Pretty sure he's been rightly called worse things.

> GBR48Today  02:39 am JST

In the UK, 'blockhead' means 'idiot'.

Same in America. Charlie Brown in 'Peanuts' gets called a 'blockhead' sometimes.


'Dittohead' for Rubbish Limberger radio show devotees,

'Deadhead' for Grateful Dead freaks,

'Hipheads' for Tragically Hip, 'Heepheads' for Uriah Heep, 'Parrotheads' for Jimmy Buffett, 'Phishheads' for Phish, 'Motorhead bangers' and 'D*** Heads' for Dick Dale. And a dirty abbreviation for Twisted Sister fans.

So he calls himself a 'Blockhead'. I guess he is one. I didn't say it.

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He has been a bit of a blockhead for some time now.

Block has been having a hard time recently.

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Dorsey is a big fan of Elon Musk and his astonishing acquisition of Twitter.

A bad week for libs.

CNN+ had the literal lifespan of a house fly, and now this.

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But there is already another name that starts with “Jack” that describes him best.

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He laughing all the way to the bank, courtesy of Musk,why a fool and his money soon parted

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