Double Dragons: SpaceX launches space station supplies


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I still think it is myopic of the Chinese not to join the international community at the ISS.

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They're leapfrogging all the governments in 21st century rocket developments

I still think it is myopic of the Chinese not to join the international community at the ISS.

China doesn't want to open up their secretive space agency and take it off under military control

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Agree with both above, sadly it is all part of the CCP programme of aggression, self aggrandisement and expansion instead of working together for the benefit of mankind as even the Russians are willing to do.

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Maybe China is hiding a lot of stolen secrets.

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China's banned from the International Space Station:

"Initially, China’s five-year-old space agency was viewed as too young and inexperienced to offer any useful contributions to the International Space Station. Soon after the Chinese developed their own space stations and sent astronauts to space to visit them, it became clear that this wasn’t the case.

Later, trust issues would become the source of the United States’ unwillingness to work with China on the International Space Station. Two matters of distrust, including the use of an anti-satellite weapon and the hacking of Jet Propulsion Laboratory intellectual property, purportedly fueled a bill passed in 2011 to ban China from the International Space Station"

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I give credit to SpaceX and Elon Musk.

Their doing some impressive stuff by reusing rockets, and being able to land them back at the same location, reducing the cost for each launch by a significant margin up to 70%.

The Starship is another one of their projects which seems to be a big leap in technology, can carry up to 150 tons of cargo in space.

Japan should invest more in JAXA, the space industry will be worth Trillions, and the technology seems closer then we thought.

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