Early days, but Apple Pay struggles outside U.S.


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They should make it backwards compatible with Suica, now that would be useful!

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Apple Pay needs to be compatible with existing systems to become big.

As mentioned Suica, Edy, etc which it won't replace and need to be priced comoatible. Bit late as there are already many existing electronic payment systems supported by many cel-phones for years.

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Yeah, it will never make it in Japan unless they can make it work with existing systems.

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It won't be made compatible with existing systems here because these are proprietary technologies that Japan Inc. keeps under lock & key - with added support from the Japanese government in shielding them from gaiatsu. The downside is, this sends Japan deeper into its Galapogas syndrome. That, paired with the fact that Japanese banking is stuck in the 50s (an ancient industry also protected from gaiatsu), and you'll never see things change here. Too many middlemen (ie. intermediary companies skimming off the top) & too much red tape.

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Apple made a BIG mistake by only allowing transactions with new payment machines.

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The Felica chip which is the core component for Suica and other contactless chips in use in Japan are also used in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Bangladesh, Indonesia, UAE and PRC so it's hardly a Galpogas syndrome item.

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