Electric scooters: not so eco-friendly after all?

By Catherine HOURS

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Just read an article in the British press about the death of a famous YouTuber after her scooter collided with a truck (lorry) in a roundabout. And discovered that these scooters are not street legal in Britain.

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OK, so we're going from Fumes to Recycling issues....

China has unsurprisingly been at the forefront of Electric Mopeds - though the reliance upon led acid batteries has deemed these as being un-green.

Nuclear Power is seen also as un-green - yet, even it's the most efficient Power source that we have to-date.

Efficiency is what devices should be ranked by, not power sources. We should change our attitudes towards having more power efficient devices at source, rather than having power hungry devices - BitCoin mining farms are recently hitting the top of the scale here... so if you hold BitCoins you certainly are not Green.

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I think I would prefer an electric cycle of some sort,\ - something that could carry a basket, and which could accomodate a seat. Also, if users leased or owned them, they would be much more likely to treat them well.

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We have those scooters here in my town nearby the local college campus - and they are a hot mess. These scooters were hailed by companies who owned them (big surprise) to the local city council as a means to both mitigate street traffic congestion, and to be Eco-friendly at the same time. It was a failure. What ended up happening was scooter users were dumping the scooters at every street corner in town, as if it were trash to be picked up by the garbageman, and scooter users were getting into accidents with pedestrians and motor vehicles alike.

Local residents and business alike complained loudly to the city council about the problems the scooters created; however, the city locked itself into a contract with the scooter companies which would be very costly to taxpayers to break. The scooters only treated a symptom, and didn't address the root cause of the issue - how to offer as-needed transportation to the public in a highly congested area that has no additional area to expand.

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The largest part of any vehicles environmental impact (including scooters) is in the manufacturing. Unless they have a life span of years they are an environmental disaster.

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Lime will be the next to stop service in Paris. 6 other companies already left.

Lime has recently partnered with a French company that claims it can recycle 70 percent of spent batteries.

I don't believe they will go fish and recycle the batteries of the countless scooters that have been thrown into the Seine.

Kyoto's narrow streets 

Streets are even narrower in Paris.

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I used them in LA. Ghosh help you if you wreck or hit someone going at high speed.

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@ClippetyClop with Kyoto's narrow streets and very hot Summers I don't think they are suitable for it.

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I'd love to see them introduced to Kyoto, it would be absolute bedlam.

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