Electric trucks may soon challenge diesel if charging hurdle cleared, study shows


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This bogus 'feel good' article was over by the 6th sentence:

"Battery technology is very close to a threshold that makes electric trucks feasible and economically competitive. All that is missing is one companion component: fast charging,"

Really. You don't say.

That's why green hydrogen production and rollout is the top priority now. Tanks are refuelled in comparable time to fossil fuel powered vehicles. Battery recharging times will improve eventually, but to get to the desired point it will take as many years as it does minutes to 'fast' charge a current electric vhicle (30).

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Hydrogen is surely the fuel of the future. Dream on with Toyota.

Meanwhile electricity is everywhere and is the fuel of the present. New EVs in China for city use cost US$5K, outsell Tesla, and can be plugged in when you get home.

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New EVs in China for city use cost US$5K

No, not even close. The least expensive electric car sold in China today is the SAIC Baojun E100 with sells for about $14,443 USD. Where do these stories come from?

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