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Tesla to build world's largest lithium ion battery in Australia


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Australia is one of the worst polluters, of which much of it come from extraction and coal for steel and energy export including LNG to Japan (not to mention the cow farts), it has NO nuclear power. Australia is vast and a very low population density hence many smaller power generators, the cost of modern and retrofitting low emmision coal & LNG power stations is huge, as is the cost of replacing infrustructure that is changing so quickly is a huge risk. Building and financing infrustructure that will last and be usable - sustainable is a difficult decision, especialy when the cost of powere is also one of the highest in the world. The use of battery storage is one sustainable toward a low carbon future.

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It's all a scam to make the greeny control freak Nanny state types feel all warm and fuzzy whilst living in their unsustainable inner city cocoons.

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Tesla has agreed to deliver the battery "within 100 days or it is free", he added.

Gotta like that!

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