Elon Musk’s Tesla Bot raises serious concerns

By Andrew Maynard

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It is the future, there is nothing that appears in sci-fi movies which has not become true or where progress has been made (think about live video chatting, instant database, robot autonomous delivery, etc.).

I won't be surprised to find some but they will have anyway limited functions.

If ever the AI breakpoint happens, that is another story and just another life form it will be.

It brings mostly good progress for manking , ie addtional life expectancy, why be against it if technical safeguard are existing, like already for so many potentially dangerous equipment (examples : car or a simple boiler).

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First make a car that really works the way it should!!! No exploding and no running in to things!

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Maybe, Elon will change his company's name to Cyberdyne Systems.

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I remember when Honda at least really developed (for years) humanoid like robot only to abandon it 8 years or something ago... While Musk has just brought on the stage "bot" dressed actor (genius lol) and promised very compromised future...who is buying it? I'm wondering for how long this Tesla circus will continue?

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All manual labor to be done by robots? Too many people out of work already, plus millions of refugees flooding the marketplace.

As we discovered during lockdown, one of the few pleasures and forms of exercise left was going shopping. Without that at least, how many more of us would turn into shapeless blobs?

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All robots should have an attitude more like Bender.

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Haha- bender is awesome !

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When Mankind is forced to live underground like the Morlocks because the surface has become too hot, even during dark, to survive, we will be glad to have these nonbiological 'friends' ('Elons'?) capable of doing all of the tasks necessary to be done on the surface to support us in our subterranean oases. And it will all seem just as 'normal' to those Humans as our World does to us now, albeit we might now see such a World as incomprehensible as someone from the not too distant past would see ours today.

1921: The 'miracle' of radio. Electricity! And Philo Farnsworth, arguably the 'Musk' of his time, was still two years away from his 17th year when he would lay out the basics of electronic Television to his high school 'science' teacher on a blackboard. Later he would invent the first electrostatic confinement fusion device...Philo who? Elon who?

The point being that naysayers such as this author see 'problems' because of the primitiveness of what they observe without the imagination to understand that these 'problems' are just the the early stages of any new development. Certainly in 1921 our world today was completely unimaginable by anyone of that time and, even in 1971, our World today would have been as much fantasy as science fiction.

But, somehow we've survived the changes and adapted to them. Maybe that's what this author cannot understand. WE adapt to the technology, the technology comes as it comes and does not adapt to us. If it is useful it survives and, if not, it goes the way of Blockbuster. People who point out problems are useful, yes. But his fear "...society risks handing the future to wealthy innovators whose vision exceeds their understanding..." is hardly a prediction but a long, long established pattern and fact of our collective behavior.

If Elon were Prometheus, this guy would be a Harpy but I think Musk's Liver is in no serious threat from what appears here.

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Elon Musk. The peculiar analogy to sci-fi movies denotes an inability to decipher the future as an actuality - be it merely metaphor or seen as a realistic representation. Besides: why should Elon Musk decide The Future? What he has is an enormous amount of capital and very peculiar fantasies that are divorced from any actual human, let alone humane impulse.

He isn't Philo Farnsworth, he is P.T. Barnum. The impact of radio & television is not a valid comparison. The focus is on active technologies and a replacement of human beings by cybernetic organisms or more so, so-called humanoid robotics that images humans. Television is/was essentially, a shared mass hallucination and a marketing device for consumer goods. Snake oil salesman.

Bio-engineering is an entirely different animal.

One merely need look at the so-called advancements in military hardware and the carnage it has inflicted - an open air abattoir is the end all - add to that the displacement of the civilian population, which creates untold numbers of refugees and upends rich and fully realized cultures - often doing so as a means of political organization aka military dictatorships .

Robotland is not a utopian schema, it is a means to implement a totalitarian society - corporate fascism. Let alone is there a recognition of what constitutes meaningful work and the greater good. Nor has it any basis in a social compact.

A household robot that goes shopping, because you are too lazy or busy. Even on a simple basis, it ignores the social aspects of the marketplace and that importance - which has to a large degree been superseded by a rather antiseptic model aka shopping malls & centers. Further displaced by on-line 'shopping'.

Mundane tasks? Already convenience stores and grocery outlets are shifting to automatic checkout or use of an app. What is mind-numbing is the hours and the low pay. Union cashiers in grocery stores, used to make a good living and were not worked to death.

The elite, who are neither wise or seemingly sane, deem to create a state which is based on a queer madness that fits their twisted dreams and desires. It isn't evolutionary in any sense - it is a destructive fantasy that wastes resources and has naught to do with 'the good life' - which is fairly simple in many aspects. And tenable if wankers like Musk weren't following every fevered technological fantasy that pops up into their psychopathic imagination and intent of wrecking the place in order to implement their Grand Design for the peasantry.

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The problem is not the 'Terminator' scenario. It is that robotics and AI is simply not there yet. We may need to rethink aspects of both. Weight, power, movement, form and how AI functions.

He may overpromise, but Musk will usefully move the tech on further, probably by spending a great deal of cash.

To benefit from this sooner, we would have to alter the built environment so that it worked for robots. The result would be less accommodating for humans. We did that for railways and cars, less well for cycles. Robots will improve, but some problems will need a leap of imagination to fix.

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We are more at risk from out-of-control humans in the world right now.

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Man vs. Robots I can imagine the horse laughing at us now!!!

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All this makes me feel sorry for the young people, I would HATE to grow up in the direction we are heading, what it means to be human will soon be lost......

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I'll believe it when I see it.

Not just some guy dressed up as a robot.

Elons got to actually build his toys and make em work before he starts bragging about them.

There seams to be an epidemic of people doing this these days.

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Just because we can, should we?

Moot question, because one fw will.

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ugh the western films made robots an evil thing to fear. In japan its the opposite. robots are and will be whatever we make them.

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All the robot take over aside.

If there is one thing North America doesn't need is one more way to just sit around not doing any physical activity.

The waistlines are big enough any more and cars, planes, etc..will all need to be reinforced and enlarged to fit fewer people.

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Only a few years ago, I remember Musk being one of the outspoken ones criticizing AI and it’s potential dangers…

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FarmboySep. 9  08:58 pm JST

We are more at risk from out-of-control humans in the world right now.

Robots can't do anything that people don't program or set them to do.

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The bot is raising concerns by itself. That's intelligent.

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The author got a point.

The idea of robot doing part of the job leaving human with a more meaningful life is pleasant on paper but is it really what is going to happen ?

I do not think we had a time when adding some new group at the bottom of the pyramid lasted long before the bottom group start merging together. So we would likely end up with bottom workers human and robot, with human having to go by a salary equivalent of the robot cost and potentially harder working conditions as robot as a clear value assigned to them and clear abilities and not able to complain freely.

We will also several tasks which were done by human for a fee which will be transferred to another human as additional but having loosing their value, best example is computer&co. In the past there was people whose job was to actually do typing. So for example you will have : a boss saying to his secretary something then the secretary making it in form then transferring it to typist. No the typist is gone, the work is being done by secretary/boss. We have also stuff linked to right to disconnect, if we back think about what was implied to actually provide this kind of service before : you needed to actually paid someone to go ask someone else to work during their free time and bring them stuff.

If we think about it, it is not progress which improved work conditions but people by fighting, unionize, ...

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Robots can't do anything that people don't program or set them to do.

Guess the meaning of AI is something you are not aware of.

A: Artificial I: intelligence

By definition means a robot or computer that actually learns then develops in a similar fashion as a human by creating it's own thoughts and basically "programing itself!

The concept is simple and by any logical standard at one point it will develop the means or capability to override any base block in it's original program.

St least that would be the result if ever a true AI system is created.

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When AIs get really good, strong, and competent, they will sit on the couch, watching action movies and eating potato chips.

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