Elon Musk breaks Twitter silence with photo with pope


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The location and details of the meeting were not specified by the Tesla and SpaceX boss, while the Vatican did not comment on his private audience with Pope Francis.

Wealth has its privileges.

But the author whose names adorn Musk's rockets, Iain Banks, was not an admirer of wealth, privilege or religion.

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Musk is a Pentagon contractor and part of the US security state. By all accounts the Washington neo-cons are unhappy with the Pope's hitherto lukewarm condemnations of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Perhaps the "world's richest man" had some words of encouragement for the Pope?

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Musk is in early stages of negotiations to purchase Vatican, Inc.

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”The Money Masters” in YouTube by Bill Still is an excellent documentary that explains many things and why they are happening.

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There is much to admire in both the Pope and Elon Musk, but I wonder how much he had to pay to get that photo.

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That photo of Elon Musk and the Pope with the mozaic behind them is priceless !

Now i want to watch the DaVinci Code movies again

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It is the Vatican's Santa Marta guesthouse. Top picture, art and plant.

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Musk is a Pentagon contractor and part of the US security state.

Well, not really. The company Space Exploration Technologies, usually called Space-X, is a defense contractor. Space-X is a US based publicly traded company. Mr. Musk is CEO and one of seven members of the Board of Directors but since the company is publicly traded he is not the owner. Mr. Musk has dual citizenship, which disqualifies him from holding a security clearance.

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