Elon Musk says Tesla's robot will make physical work a 'choice'


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Will Tesla succeed? Obviously. Take the agility of a Boston Dynamics robot, the intelligence of Honda's Asimo, which can be talked to by several people simultaneously and then answer all of them individually, the chatability of Alexa or Pepper, and the environmental brains out of the autopilot in a Tesla car, add Tesla styling and yes, a sleek, elegant, fully autonomous humanoid robot that could walk around in crowds like the Terminator absolutely could be done. The biggest problem was navigation. Tesla has that totally nailed. If there's any company that could to this, it is Tesla. Tesla would make all the advancements Honda's Asimo program took years to make in a month or two, and I don't intend that to be an insult, it's just reality. Elon has connections and one heck of an ability to attract the right people for the job.

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I hope its better than their self driving and the solar roof.

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I wonder if it will do the house work for me? Hey I am getting old and brittle.

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After 1984 which became a reality in 2020-2021 with the rise of Authoritarian/Owerllian states, will Terminator and Matrix be the next movies to come to life?

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Tesla's self drive car is like a Russian roulette, one never knows on which day it is going to kill you! And now they are going to make robots!?

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After 1984 which became a reality in 2020-2021 with the rise of Authoritarian/Owerllian states, w

Are you one of those who equates being asked to wear a mask oni a pandemic to 1984?

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Elon Musk is indeed semi-sentient and worse than P.T. Barnum. Cars are not sentient robots. They are electronically automated machinery with set parameters - any so called 'learning' is a matter of algorithms and simplistic.

Boston Dynamics robots. BD has cited that it is near impossible to create a bipedal robot. They tend to trip and fall over. They have been at it for ten years.

Tesla is headed to the rubbish heap. When the large car companies 'go electric' they possess scale far beyond Musk's puny sideshow. They have actual infrastructure and ability to engage in capital investment that easily outstrips Tesla. Tesla is a boutique company.

Elon Musk is the John Delorean of the 21st century. Tesla is the Ford Edsel.

Robot on stage at Tesla: The dude dressed up as a cloth covered robot, dancing on stage was as idiotic a performance as could be imagined, with Musk in the wings stage left mightily impressed with his joke.

One of the premier innovators in humanoid robots is located in Osaka - continually wrestling with the ethics of sexbots. Though seemingly, no problem with killerbots aka military usage.

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An Interesting step forward, though as predicted by Sci-Fi of past, will probably lead towards ethics issues... will such Expensive Robots end up in charge of commanding cheap Human Labor ?

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I want to see this robot frame a house, lay nice even rows of concrete blocks with clean even mortar seams, or place tiles on a floor then grout the tile nice and neat. Can this robot lay laminate flooring, or carpet? Can this robot put up dry wall, texture it, install the baseboards and door frames and paint it all afterwards? Can this robot handle a carpet shampooer when this house is a few years old and needs the carpets cleaned? Can it replace a ceiling light fixture? How about installing solar panels on the roof? Can it climb through the attic to run the cables from the solar panels to the circuit breaker box? Can this robot do auto repair too? How about digging a nice level trench and laying water or sewer pipe in that trench? Can it prune a hedge and do so in a way tha leaves it looking nice? Mr. Musk makes some bold claims but I think he's full of prunes.

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@Desert Tortoise the robots will do well at simple jobs like restaurant work. Any staff would be there to correct problems.

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Desert: Yes, a robot will be able to do all of those things, eventually.

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"Desert: Yes, a robot will be able to do all of those things, eventually."

And much more...with the military version upgrade...unfortunately.

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Limited to versions with five fingers per hand or only available in black or white, that robotics project will attract never seen before minority resistance. Something like #make MErobotTOO etc at least. lol

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Oh, that's creepy. Why not four fingers and an opposable thumb?

-black and white.

Does that mean they will they be striped like zebras?

I was hoping for something a bit more Summer Glau.

-I think essentially in the future physical work will be a choice.

Not sure this chap understands the concept of a supply chain that stretches from mined raw materials to the blokes that empty my recycling bins and beyond.

We do actually have most of the component technologies available, but we may have to accept hobbit-sized androids in the early years for power/weight reasons.

I also think we may need to rethink our approach to 'AI'. Something more akin to early language learning than a failed attempt to simulate mature human cognition.

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