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Musk says Tesla will unveil robotaxi in August


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How is that driverless going again?

This is the snakeoil salesman lying to the general public again because the shares are continue to tank. It is weel documented that Tesla is the worse performing this year. Apparently, it has become easier for Elon to lie to everyone than for him to control himself which is the primary cause for the falling stock.

People have finally realized that Tesla is just an overpriced car company run by an unhinged conspiracy believing drug abuser. The markets are adjusting, accordingly

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I have a lot of interest in self-driving cars, I think they will transform society, but we're not get them by a billionaire simply announcing a "reveal".

That said, I must admit surprise that Tesla's autopilot can crash into emergency vehicles and there is little kickback against it. It suggests rich and connected people (here, Musk) can simply do want they want with little actual oversight. Crashing into police cars should be a bigger scandal than the other car companies lying about emissions or Toyota accelator scandal which turned out to be user-fitted floor mats jamming the pedal.


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Self driving cars will happen someday, but I am not sure that we are quite there yet. Maybe another ten years?

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It will take you to the wrong address, run over a child crossing the street and expose you to conspiracy bunk!

All for only double the price of an actual taxi.

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Elon Musk is a mega-genius and a great savior of humanity. However, to my view the future of small-capsule transportation does not lie in autonomous vehicles. Rather, it lies in separation between vehicles and pedestrians, in central computing and in dense utilization of the space-time.

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Self driving cars will happen someday, but I am not sure that we are quite there yet. Maybe another ten years?

> Nope, we are here already, I used the self driving bus in China last week...

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Robo-taxis will be the future. No need for personal vehicles, just hail a robotaxi, and it will take you straight where you want to go.

Personally Im a big fan of walking, but you cant deny the massive benefits this system would have if it were to succeed.

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Self driving cars will happen someday, but I am not sure that we are quite there yet. Maybe another ten years?

The biggest risk to self-driving cars is human-driven cars.

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Driverless taxis are exciting - many potential improvements in safety.

Conversely, I've read that they struggle in fog and rain and when they are not booked, they park and clog up side streets.

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Musk is a stock manipulating liar! Did they ever deliver those fugly Cybertrucks?

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Robotaxis are likely to be very slow, easily confused by their surroundings and likely to come to an abrubt halt in the middle of the road.

In Japan, you'll never notice they are here.

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Mark your calendars, another Musk statement on which he will not deliver, and everyone of his fans will act like it never happened. He is the the Trump of the EV world.

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