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Encryption battle reignited as U.S. gov't at loggerheads with Apple

By Rob Lever

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Law enforcement has a duty to ask for everything they can until there are laws restricting them.

Fortunately, Apple has the legal resources, security community and most technology workers behind them so they don't need to cave into this unreasonable govt request.

The FBI needs to get better at picking which iPhones they want unlocked. Don't pick someone who was killed as part of their crime. Pick a more sympathetic case with a lost special-needs child who dropped the phone along the way.

In the US, we've decided that it is better to allow 100 guilty people to go free than imprison 1 innocent person. We don't want the govt having easy access to our private thoughts, which smartphones hold more and more.

The govt is well within their rights to collect the device like they might collect a safe, then crack into the device, as they would with a safe, or they can pay some willing profession to crack the safe or the device to provide that capability. The US Govt cannot force Apple to provide that capability if they aren't willing to do it. The US and world need clear laws around this.

India has passed a law that will break security. Either India will become an outsider or the entire world will suffer for their poor choice.

Read today that 21 other trainees from Pensacola Naval Air Station were sent home after their smart phones were searched and found to have

The trainees who were removed had jihadist or anti-American sentiments on social media pages or had “contact with child pornography,” including in internet chat rooms, officials said.

Hopefully, the people searching understand that "jihad" is a quest, not necessarily a call to harm others.

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Apple need to stand its ground and refuse. China will be asking next.

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