Epic Games asks court to force Apple to reinstall Fortnite


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Apple does not allow users of its popular devices to download apps from anywhere but its App Store.

And this is why I don't use Apple products. But hard to say that it is a monopolist due to being able to buy other devices. but then the lawsuit against Microsoft being monopolist comes to mind and it is very much the same thing. If they use the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890

The Sherman Act broadly prohibits 1) anticompetitive agreements and 2) unilateral conduct that monopolizes or attempts to monopolize the relevant market.

I would say that apple's App store will soon not be the only app store available on IOS without jailbreaking

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Apple is a monopolist in a sense that once you buy their hardware they lock you in to their software and other hardware. Others do it too but I think Apple is most prolific.

I would say the main point though is that taking 30 percent just to put something on an online store is gouging on the level of the mafia.

Daily active users have dropped by more than 60 percent since Fortnite was removed, it says, while Epic's reputation has also taken a hit.

This one is funny. The timing of the removal coincided precisely with a new season of Fortnite. The new season sucks.

All in all I hope Epic wins this though Epic is probably an even worse company than Apple. This is a battle between the rich people over money but I understand Epic treats its employees horribly.

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Standard retail markup is 30%. The Apple Store is what keeps the phone free from malware. If you don't like it, don't buy apple. There are many many choice. How is this a monopoly?

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I agree with Waddo

Dont care much for apple but it is the better evil when it comes to protection and privacy.

I hope Epic fails epically

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Go to sue Apple in Europe.

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Imagine them 60% that don't have access to Fortnite dumping Apple and migrating to Android.

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Imagine Apple doing this to Macs once they combine Macs and iOS - ya can't just install anything on Macs without Apple's prior approval first

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Apple will win in the courts.

Why ?

Because they have a watertight legal agreement that you sign up to.

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Is Apple right ?

Now that's something for the Politicians to decide... in the US can they revisit their decision ?

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