EU bets on clean hydrogen to decarbonize and boost economy


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where do you think the electricity comes from

It comes from the electromagnetic force, and there are numerous ways to use that to produce electricity. Fossil fuels are only one of them. Others in common and highly productive use today barely existed in the first half of the 20th century. Britain today regularly goes without power generated by coal at all. The driving force for that change has been wind power.

Even when electricity is generated from fossil fuels, there are some important efficiency advantages of electric motors over combustion engines. An idling engine consumes and wastes fuel. And combustion engines also generate pollution wherever they go. It is not demonstrably better to have intense pollution in most cities and in densely populated areas near busy roads than to have theoretically manageable pollution produced by a plant burning coal, gas, or other fossil fuel.

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As a technology you're better off with electricity and batteries.

I think the idea is to produce electricity from hydrogen via fuel cells (the article isn't clear). There may be a debate about whether fuel cells or batteries are better. There is probably a place for both.

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@sf2k where do you think the electricity comes from? And batteries have extra layer of toxicity when they run out of juice

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As a technology you're better off with electricity and batteries. Hydrogen just means propping up the gas industry and gas industry playas.

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Hydrogen can be refilled in a few minutes unlike recharging batteries.

Use nuclear and solar to store excess energy as H2 for portable and cloudy uses.

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It is fabulously inefficient to produce hydrogen using electricity from water :) . You'd be much better by directly charging batteries... Besides hydrogen fuel cells have a much lower efficiency than batteries themselves.

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