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EU states greenlight landmark new AI rules

By Raziye AKKOC

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These rules must be extremely vague.

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How much, those politicians who are going to make the AI rules, know about AI?

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They probably used AI to finish the draft pronto

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Too late. AI is here to stay and will grow however much governments try to limit it. It is too intrusive and will grow more and more. Eventually it will become a problem for human life in ways we won't want.

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I worked on this project. Politicians do employ a lot of technical consulting resources in order to learn the AI's capabilities, future and dangers and don't just blindly make decisions. Even if they are not technical people (although many come from technical, engineering backgrounds).

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Oh, and it's another example of EU ruling the world towards a positive outcome. EU also initiated and signed off the GDPR act and it's the main "whip holder"when it comes to controlling greed and money grabbing by the likes of Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc. You're welcome, everyone else!

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