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Whistleblower accuses Twitter of hiding major flaws

By Joshua MELVIN

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Agrawal didn't deserve to be CEO, Jack Dorsey (Twitter founder) didn't deserve to be knifed in the back. Time for the Twitter board to consider resigning. This is a great company, with a crucial role in a functioning democracy, it needs to be protected from political manipulation and downright poor management.

Let Musk buy it already, even if it's a discounted price to reflect bots accounts. Most likely Musk will reinstate his friend Dorsey as CEO if he's succussful.

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This is what every Manager or Director or HR Director says when they fire someone for telling the truth:

Twitter fired back at its former worker, saying Zatko was fired in January for "ineffective leadership and poor performance."

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How about we ignore all of this noise, wake up and smell the coffee (or go outside for a walk) and get off the really banal asocial media?

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The hacker-turned-executive, who goes by the nickname "Mudge," also claims that Twitter prioritizes growing its user base over fighting spam and bots, the filing says.

This could be said about almost any website/app/service nowadays .

The machine learning solutions might not be implemented because they would affect said websites' bottom line.

Maybe Musk wants to implement more effective proto-AGI GPT4 machine learning moderation .

That could add a new level of value to Twitter.

In this case Iain Banks might have approved.

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I contacted Twitter with proof from the Japanese prosecutor that what was written on their website was lies and defamation. They responded that apparently that isn't against their policies! So, they clearly have a problem with the truth, and are nothing but a cauldron of lies and gossip. The sooner they exit the market, the better we'll all be.

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Twitter, until date, it has been free to use, and It's become something that people accept as a norm, but in order to make money it will want/need to start charging money for its services, and as such... people, especially nowadays, will not pay.

Further more, look at the Public scandals that have arisen from peoples use of it...

Nice idea, but, sadly, unless Governments are going to fund you as a Public Service, it's dead.

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even Japanese justice minister believe in twitter....

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Twitter fired back at its former worker, saying Zatko was fired in January for "ineffective leadership and poor performance

Twitter under the current CEO is just a bag of lies and deceit. The rot set in when the founder of Twitter Jack Dorsey got knifed and replaced with the Agrawal, This has Blackrock hand prints written all over it.

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Parag Agrawal knifed Jack Dorsey in the back and Hari Nada of Nissan infamy knifed Carlos Ghosn in the back. Now what do they both have in common I wonder?

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