Apple targets car production by 2024 and eyes 'next level' battery technology

By Stephen Nellis, Norihiko Shirouzu and Paul Lienert

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Well if Japanese electronics companies remain complacent, they will lose market share from the high end electronics segment as well. To give you an example of this, Samsung has recently increased its market share of image sensors and is set to take the top spot in market share from Sony. This is bad news for Sony given it earns more profit from image sensors than it does from its popular PlayStation gaming division.

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 FedEx was able to start up in 1971 and steal UPS's lunch.

There is a lot more to that than you imagine. The original FedEx was basically the old Flying Tigers Airlines. FedEx Ground was originally Roadway Package System or RPS. RPS had the largest truck company in the US behind them, along with J.C. Penney and Montgomery Wards, both of whom were looking for an alternative to Big Brown. J.C Penny and Monkey Wards taught Roadway a great deal about running a warehouse and sorting packages, put a great deal of their stock holders money into creating RPS and between them they invented the technology to apply bar codes to packages and track them by computer. While Roadway was a big Teamsters shop, RPS was non-union and all the drivers owned their trucks and routes. Roadway also bought non-union Viking Freight, a less than truckload carrier and freight expediter Roberts Express. Roadway Systems spun their non-union companies RPS, Viking and Roberts off as a separate company called Caliber Systems. At this point FedEx was still strictly air freight but was looking to expand. They bought Caliber and renamed everything. RPS became FedEx Ground. Viking Freight became FedEx Freight and Roberts Express became FedEx Custom Critical. FedEx also bought out Watkins and rolled them into FedEx Freight and Kinkos copy centers to serve as their retail side. Not to be outdone UPS bought out Overnite Express and a few other companies so they too could move into less than truckload, truckload and expedited freight. Between them however they now own over 90% of the package business in North America and have crowded out any other possible competition. I know all of this because a long time ago I started out working for RPS and within a few years was working for FedEx Ground (aka the Groundhogs or FedEx Ground Beef, it was not a nice place to work unless you like managers poking you in the chest with their forefinger while F-bombing you and your crew).

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I find it interesting how most corporations are unable to adapt competitively to new technologies. The Big 3 over here criticized Tesla when they were trying to get the old GM/Toyota plant set up to make EVs, and we know how that turned out. UPS was started in 1908, and yet FedEx was able to start up in 1971 and steal UPS's lunch. More recently, Amazon has embarrassed both UPS and FedEx.

Corporations, run by narrow-minded MBAs, are unable to compete in the modern world, except by controlling markets, and preventing competition from getting established.

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Sigh, I am not opposed to electric cars if the manufactures can match the range of most gasoline powered cars and the recharge time is reduced to something less than 15 minutes, but what about us souls who greatly enjoy driving and take pleasure in doing so competently? It seems there is decreasing room left for someone who thrills to a smoothly executed double-clutch rev-matched downshift. Raise you hand if you even know what one is. Some of us take pride in being able to clutch and shift smoother than an automatic but the opportunities to practice these skills seem to be decreasing rapidly in favor of mindless and soul-less automation.

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Hope they don't make any lemons.

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Apple has always been a risk taking company and reaped both the rewards and penalties from that over its existence. I think they are in for a steep decline, i phone 603bis does not interest consumers anymore, and the cars, if ever build, might bring down the final curtain over Apple. But we are stil a long time of from that final curtain.

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It's looking that way. Replace digital with BEV.

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Japanese Automobiles will follow what happened to Japanese Electronics.

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The internet is full of Apple jokes

Only one user per car. Got a family? Each one must buy a car

Only works with iTunes; doesn't come with electric charger (sold separately)

Not allowed to trick out your car nor replace parts; everything inside is glued or soldered in anyway; just opening the hood voids your warranty

Any fixes need to be taken to the nearest Apple Store and only Apple car guru geniuses are allowed to check inside

Since Apple charges $600 for tiny computer wheels, imagine how much they'd charge for a big car tire

Sorry, no, you are driving it wrong

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I wonder if software updates to the car will degrade the battery life so people are forced to buy the new model car?

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I think once a company starts branching far away from its expertise bad things will happen.

It didn't turn out too bad for Toyota when they branched out from the loom business. :-)

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once a company starts branching far away from its expertise

An electric car is basically a computer on wheels.

"Hey Siri, take me to my next appointment."

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Tires sold separately.

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Wonder how much they'll charge for the wheels, steering wheel, brakes, etc. We all know they won't come included by default.

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Anyone who drives a car with that logo sure makes the traffic jam.

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Apple = CCP China, I would never buy another Apple product until Tim Cook is out of Apple.

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