Indonesia considers 2032 Olympic bid for new capital city with SoftBank's help

By Fanny Potkin and Maikel Jefriando

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I think hosting Olympics in one city is so dated considering all the risk involved as it is happening now.

"smart and green" new capital on the forested island of Borneo to replace the crowded, polluted megacity of Jakarta,

It does not sound so smart and green to me. Search Internet for Borneo and see how beautiful it is now.

With technology available it can be televised from anywhere in the world.

Could it not be hosted by multiple cities by sports disciplines and spread the wealth world over every 4 years?

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@kenichi-mitomi I agree with you on the fact that should be hosted by multiple cities, not just one. I mean that’s what’s gonna happen with the Tokyo Olympics anyway, with the marathon being held in Sapporo, along with a few other events. Because you’re right, the financial strain that would put on a single city is just far too much. And with this coronavirus going around, it’s best to share the load, just in case things like these happen in the future.

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That's right now. A totalitarian nation builds a new capital city deep in the heart of nowhere to move the junta out of an old polluted city and in an Orwellian attempt to plan more 'development' economically.

Brazil did that in the 60s, Myanmar did that recently, now Indonesia.

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