Securing the 5G future: What's the issue?

By Jack Stubbs

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As 5G becomes embedded in everything from hospitals to transport systems and power plants

In other words, total surveillance. Add in a fully cashless society, street cameras, self driving cars, AI, a social credit system (which is where things are going) and freedom will go downhill pretty fast.

On top of this there is nothing about the health concerns of 5G in this article. There are no studies showing 5G to be safe. It is even used by the military in its Active Denial System; ie, Crowd control - the one where the skin can be heated from a distance by EMF waves to cause a burning sensation.

5G promises super-fast connections which evangelists say will transform the way we live our lives, enabling everything from self-driving cars to augmented-reality glasses and downloading a feature-length film to your phone in seconds.

That's the selling point. Something like 20,000 satellites are to be launched for 5G and antennas will be required every 10-20 houses in urban areas. The effects of microwave radiation are cumulative and it will eventually affect all living things.

"Today you can live in locations away from cell phone towers to limit exposure, that is now being taken away, it won’t matter where you live 5G will irradiate you everywhere you are. This untested new 5G system will irradiated everyone with millimeter size, non-ionizing radiation 24 hours a day, with completely unknown health effects. Such studies to investigate possible harm will take many years after these systems are fully implemented to find results."

I'm not looking forward to be slowly cooked for the sake of faster downloads.

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Surveillance Capitalism -- do you really think that we will be using paper and filling out our addresses 3 times every time we go to a government agency? Our current structure is built upon WWII style record-keeping.

Do you want your children to go to Government Building, or should they be able to access government services through an app?

It's of utmost importance for nations to build their own infrastructures regarding 5G, or else another nation with separate values will code it for you.

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Is Apple losing the market without 5G? Samsung, Sony, and Huawei all have 5G products this year but I was told Apple won’t have it until 2021? That’s a bit late isn’t it?

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quercetumToday  08:05 am JST

Is Apple losing the market without 5G? Samsung, Sony, and Huawei all have 5G products this year but I was told Apple won’t have it until 2021? That’s a bit late isn’t it?

Having a 5G capable device doesn't mean the infrastructure is there to use it properly. It actually doesn't matter if a handset is available now or not, you'll still have to wait a year or two for proper functionality.

Launching a 5G handset now is just for brownie points saying they were 'one of the first'. Just marketing hype. Apple in this case knows and they'll use that to their advantage later when the tech is actually ready, from server to end user.

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I have no doubt the Chinese Government will use the Huawei 5G system to spy and steal commercial secrets, foreign Governments, military technology and opposition groups.

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5G = deadly health problems ahead.

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I can't wait until we get into the serious technological revolution, beyond the black mirror of our smartphones. 5G just may destroy Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Think of the glory of a destroyed SNS media.

Fear the curtains that open to reveal its beyond.

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