What do Apple's new iPhone privacy changes mean for consumers and businesses?

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By Stephen Nellis and Sheila Dang

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In theory, targeting may seem like a good idea. But only if it works.

Reducing the amount of data collected may reduce the accuracy a little, but these data collection methods have been employed for years and the targeting has never been particularly good.

I'm not sure the added value of data matching and targeting has ever been worth the added cost.

Although your interests have a small, theoretical value to the advertising industry, you lose nothing by allowing this data to be collected. If you obtain something tangible in return - the use of a website that you enjoy using - then you are getting a very good deal.

Given how much we surf, we may all be developing the ability to subconsciously auto-filter out online adverts anyway. We just don't see them any more.

I would suggest to advertisers that the quality of their advert matters more than the targeting. A good advert goes viral. It is better to spend more cash on fewer, better adverts. Especially on YouTube, where blanket advertising can be counterproductive. Having seen several thousand adverts for one particular product on YT, I would not accept it for free, at gunpoint.

Perhaps the industry will finally consider switching to the use of advertising profiles, created by individual consumers based upon their interests and lifestyle aspirations, and shared with websites like Facebook in return for access to services.

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