Facebook adds warnings after backtrack on beheadings


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So, you can put up videos of people being beheaded, but for the love of all decency, don't show your boobies ladies!!

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Seems strange that uploading videos of a serious crime (i.e. someone being murdered) is legal. Will rape and torture be next? Freedom of expression aside, this is not a good idea.

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People who seek out such videos should be locked up in a secure mental facility. I don't want such people to be out on the streets.

Facebook is a disgrace. Why do they ban bare breasts, which are in no way shocking or obscene, yet feel it is OK to show people being murdered?

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@Probie only if she is beheaded :O oh my!

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I can understand FB'S stance on staying clear of sensorship. But posting beheadings videos and clips to raise awareness of realities around the world shouldn't be allowed. I've seen this happen in my country a few times. I've lost a friend/team-member to something like this. It's a scene that nobody should be able to see. There can be nothing gained from watching a video of a beheading other than to cure a curiosity. The person being murdered on film had a life, had a family...he/she shouldn't be commercialized to gain anything regardless if the video is shown to condemn the killing, cure a curiosity or celebrate.

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Mostly from the Islamic terror group and from the Islamic Sharia law followers...

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serendipitousOct. 23, 2013 - 08:38AM JST Seems strange that uploading videos of a serious crime (i.e. someone being murdered) is legal. Will rape and torture be next? Freedom of expression aside, this is not a good idea.

How provincial. In the countries where they're posted this often isn't a crime.

... and I find it highly ironic that beheadings need special warnings and boobies are banned, but footage of drones killing dozens of people is completely okay... so small-scale executions are bad, but mass-murder is okay?

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I saw a video of a woman beheaded in Mexico by the cartels for something she posted online. It was an eye-opening experience. More people should see the kinds of things that go on in other countries. This is a way of life for a lot people. Why should people from rich countries be shielded from it? We should all be more educated about the gruesome things that go on outside our borders, especially in the wars we fight. This is something the media hasnt done since vietnam. Making it illegal is a violation of free speech. You don't have to watch it if you don't want to.

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darknuts, what did it do for you other than give you an eye opening experience? Are you doing something now to help the cause? Don't misunderstand. I am not debating you here and I do understand freedom of speach and censorship issuep. But I'm saying the general public should not have access to killings like this. Educating doesn't need to be visual. It goes way beyond the if you don't like it, don't do/watch/listen to it mentality. Nothing good can come out of letting the general public access to these types of videos.

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Darknuts - I can't even begin to understand why you would watch such a video. It's on the same level as a snuff movie - sick and twisted, aimed only at those with no regard for human life. If you get your jollies seeing women beheaded then that's fine, you do that, but please don't encourage people to watch them because they will 'educate' them about life in poorer countries. Free speech my arse - it's ghoulish in the extreme.

It's disgusting, and Facebook needs to ban the videos and photos, or the advertisers should withdraw their support until they do.

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Frungy, this is about facebook (a US company last time I checked), and they have the power not so show such crimes (including drone attacks that show people being killed).

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I have never seen beheading on FB but on YouTube etc..?? Very scary and just disgusting!

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