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Facebook admits 'terrible' communication gaffe on study


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It's unethical,users were uninformed about being used as test subjects. Period. It doesn't matter how terrible communication was. "Facebook admits 'terrible' communication gaffe" just means they regret letting the cat out of the bag...

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It's unethical,users were uninformed about being used as test subjects.

Users are always being used as test subjects on most sites. Most sites use analytics to track user's behaviors, and adjust their sites according to these behaviors, so as to get better results, and receive better search engine rankings. If users had to be informed of this all the time, users would always be being informed.

The only difference with this facebook test is that they weren't directly using the results to alter the site - yet. But I bet they had some plans for how they would use the results in the future.

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I would imagine that the United States military Intelligence played a part in this as this comes under the heading of Psych Warfare.

America Intelligence has been given the right to use propaganda on the America people by using Intelligence created new articles, including hiring reporters in foreign counties to write pro American news stories. This has been done in Iraq and Afghanistan, and was exposed in some of our own media.

We have had our Internet providers working hand in hand with the government on passing our private information though to the government and I would not be surprised this is another little cooperative effort .

Our intelligence agencies hack the rest of the worlds internet as well.

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Is that why I suddenly got a flood of "you wont believe what happens next" crap?

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They apparently had an ethics committee review and approve the study. They are the ones who should be explaining why it was approved. However, if they had asked for 'informed consent' from Facebook users, they would have had to inform subjects what was going to happen, and they would be aware of the manipulation, which would have nullified the results. A no-win situation.

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Some thought post I park in my FarmVille was squandered cause I can not get in anymore due to too many changes of interest among IT conglomerate.

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"We're sorry you're angry."

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" 'I'm sorry I got Caught. "

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LOOKS LIKE THE CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER (COO) Cheryl has psychic powers!!! No wonder they conducted such a study!!

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