Missing the moment: Virtual reality's breakout still elusive


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Yeah, the weight and hassle of putting those contraptions on is the wet blanket of it all for me. Plus the 3D graphics is all right but playing on a TV/computer screen is good enough without having to look like a cybertronicorn to play or watch something.

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the weight and hassle of putting those contraptions on is the wet blanket of it all for me.

I bought my son an Occulus Quest 2 last month for his birthday. It's not a hassle at all. No wires, just the eyemask and two handles. You mark a 'safe area' and you can walk around within the games. It's pretty amazing.

Plus the 3D graphics

It's as comparable to 3D graphics as color is to black and white.

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I hate facebook so much

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We only need one visionary to change the status of VR. Anyone has any idea?

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Oculus Quest 2 is a game changer.

No connection to anything. Work on its own.

I will this summer bring it to show colleagues how it works.

The day it can be fold and put in a lady's bag will change life forever, so it is soon because I can already put it in my backpack very easily.

It is scary for some and you shouldn't start with applications that makes you sick.

I remember doing Roller coasters (the game). A 2 or 3 hours sea sickness after trying a 5 minute ride. So imersive to your body.

But try some games and possibilities before commenting. It is huge : virtual space of work, simple video watching is so impressive if filmed well, socializing is another level.

So far, it is the content which is not adapted. It should be rewired totally to the amazing possibilities, like watching a movie full 360° and that means not only front and behind, but also up and down !

For those who don't know, with OQ2, since end of year '20, they have implemented unbelievable features like your own hands only to move objects (like in Minority report movie), creating your virtual sofa, pass-through (you can switch to see the real world by simple double touching your headset),etc and improving nearly every month for free.

In death unchained game and beat saber are good and "To Buy" games.

The games are really cheap on average.

Some gears are just starting to get to yet another dimension (body set, cybershoes...never tried but surely good).

The graphics from that OC2 have just reach the quality to make it interesting (very little grid effect as you can adapt eye size).

I wait really for a WOW using VR. To confront physically is going to be a world changer for gamesa nd perhaps real sports sooner than you ewpect, I can tell you.

PS : I dislike totally facebook for making it compulsory to go through a compulsory creation of profile in facebook. It needs indeed a new approach but easier to criticize when so much has been created for so little to pay.

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I keep feeling the problem is that developers want the machines to be able to do everything, maybe specializing a little would help gathering acceptance from different kinds of people, not everybody is interested in doing several different things with their VR.

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Its not there yet. Personally, I don’t see any benefits of using VR/AR in my life. Maybe for someone too lazy to clean the house or the dishes it can provide some sort of solution.

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What a badly researched article, as most articles in MSM about VR are.

Rivals like the HTC Vive and Samsung's Gear launched in 2015.

Not exactly a rival, since it was developed by Oculus...

Part of the original Quest's success was the first-person shooter VR game “Half-Life: Alyx"

No, it wasn't. The Quest is a standalone headset with a mobile chipset, which doesn't run Half-Life Alyx. HL:Alyx is a PVCR game which requires a high-end PC. You can connect the PC to your Oculus Quest and play HL:A on the Quest that way, but only a small percentage of Quest owners did this - since the whole point of Quest (1) at the time was to target people who couldn't afford the PC setup.

It's the latest disappointment in an industry famous for stop-start progress.

Facebook doesn't release sales figures, but it says Quest 2 sales have been better than expected, and has already outsold all of its predecessors combined since its launch.

Yep, so just ignore the actual facts to continue pushing your false narrative.

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