Facebook announces 10,000 EU jobs to build 'metaverse'

By Katy LEE

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EU alternate metaverse after Brexit.

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Boris is gonna hate

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He's lying trying to hold off the breakup of his miserable company.

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Zuckerberg is unfortunate in having accidentally sauntered into the Emmanuel Goldstein role in our increasingly Orwellian dystopia. Facebook is now being blamed for almost everything.

I guess this is an alternative to a lower profile or just giving stuff away.

There are some unfortunate conceptual barriers to all this. AR goggles are uncomfortable and tend to give people headaches. They can work on that, but it may not be fixable.

The more we are forced towards digital and the horror show of digital assistants, censorship and the absence of real people in what used to be customer services, the more we will yearn for real physical things and real people. Folk in the UK are increasingly antagonistic to their GPs still hiding away from patients and attempting to diagnose illness by phone. The government are offering cash incentives. Many feel their pay should be halved if they stay virtual.

In the pandemic, I didn't open a streaming account and glue myself to the sofa. Instead I restarted some old hobbies and dug over the garden. These were real, physical things, away from anything that scrolled or beeped or autocompleted in ways I didn't want it to.

Kids may be different, growing up with tech and not having memories of a world without it, but vinyl is now back in fashion and a lot of trends seem to involve the physical over the virtual, with tech operating as a way of publicising and sharing them.

The future may be a lot more tangible than tech folk expect. And I would rather sink investment into distributed systems than into anything involving AI, AR or VR.

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