Facebook blasts snooping employers


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Wow. I can't believe anyone would give their passwords to employers or potential future employers and I can't believe people would want to work for a company or employer that would ask for such information. What's next? Employers asking for cash card and credit card PIN numbers?

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Believe it or not, not everyone has a Facebook account, and it doesn't mean your a sexual predator. May just mean you have a real life with real friends and not spend your life on some superficial meaningless social media site because it's the IT thing.....

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Well the best way to save yourself from all this trouble at work is to deny that you have a facebook account, and never check it at your terminal. I am quite someone in IT can take an unauthorized peak at your account along with you.

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Employers have no right to try and snoop into employees personnel lives. What people choose to do outside of work hours is their choice. Mine have never asked me for any sensitive information about my account, not that they would find much anyway besides rants about the world or anime news.

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Whether it has private information or public information, employers don't have any right to force employees to submit password to companies. And employees should never inform the password to employers. Once giving the password of facebook, another SNS account info should be tracked down by employers.

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First of all, work is for work, so do your socializing on your own time. Secondly, if your/prospective employer requests to intrude into your privacy, politely decline. I personally think social networking sites are a placebo for a real life and don't waste my time. The fact is Big Brother is all about being in your business, and BB has many faces.

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For all its supposed appeal, Facebook is just a transitory phenomenon, to be replaced by some other lowbrow ego-driven social network a couple of years from now. I suppose its demise will come about from a multibillion dollar class action lawsuit.

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That's the same thing as your boss coming to your home at night and demanding to come in and check your belongings. Not going to happen. If I like my boss or co-workers, I may invite them to be a friend, but I normally keep my work and social life separate. If you use a computer at work, it should be used for work.

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Anyway, it's super easy to circumvent this situation. Create another Facebook account since they're free. Post a pic and give that account over to your boss. That said, I just can't even imagine working for a company that would even ask that.

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It is about individual privacy. If they read your face book account, the next thing they will want to do is read your mail, both email and snail mail. Then they will want you to carry around a recorder that records your conversations 24 hours a day. If they are that paranoid, DO NOT WORK FOR THEM! Employers have zero rights to access your private life. This is one of those issues where some body at these companies needs to file a class action suite on behalf of every employee of that company in the world. Having said this, you should only access your Facebook account, personal email, etc. from your own (not your company) laptop/iPad/etc. while you are not on the companies dime. If you are at lunch and they are not paying you during your lunch break then you can use your smart phone, etc. to access your email. Remember, only sexual predators will ask for access to your Facebook account, they want to stalk you. Never, friend anyone you don't trust to be a friend. I guess this means that all these companies are run by sexual predators. Why aren't they in jail?

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C'mon people, wake up and smell the kimchee.

So many corporations have transformed themselves into perversely evil and undemocratic entities, especially regarding their chattel, er employees, whom they regard as "owned assets."

Getting around the facebook issue only attempts to apply a bandage to the cancer underneath.

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Sf, you can't even use Facebook legally in china!

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@yabits. Bingo!! You are spot on. There is a much bigger problem and you are aware of it. "Owned Assets" there in lies the problem. We work for you but you don't own us. If treated unfairly we will speak our minds. If treated properly then you shouldn't have anything to worry about.

I went to a new restaurant in my neighborhood this week. Nice p,ace, good food. I was alarmed by how many black domes I saw in the ceiling. They had at least 5 CCTV domes in this joint that was just big enough for 30 customers max. Why so much security? It's for the employees, not the customers.

This big brother thing got way out of hand. Now they want to check your Facebook and maybe even your bowels. It's a double edged sword and it appears that companies fear the pendulum effect more than anything. They want to advertise on Facebook but fear public backlash when insiders blow the whistle on them.

Anyway, labor laws and legislation needs to be wriitten up that protects the people and not the industry.

If that doesn't happen then just move away from Facebook.

Support Anonymous!!

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Don't post while at work. Simple as that. If a company asks for such information you have legal recourse if a problem arises out of refusing to share private info - in most countries at least. I am shocked at how many of my friends with desk jobs are on during their working hours! I'm far too busy and often don't have acess while at work. If you're on the click, you shouldn't be on Facebook.

Complaining about bosses, work and coworkers us also another dumb thing I see frequently!

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What kind of company would do such a thing? Surely American companies are not front organizations to the Chinese government?

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No, I think you misunderstood what I was saying. I wasn't saying that people who don't have FB are criminals. I was saying that not having an FB account may raise a flag for employers because of FB's policy regarding people with criminal pasts. Try reading a bit more careful next time. I'm not accusing anybody of anything. I know several employers who flag applicants without FB as a risky hire.

Ah gotcha my mistake. Here l was thinking you where saying because l am not into using the mindless hollow pathetic facebook as a way to make pretend friends in a pretend world l must be a criminal. Oh wait thats exactly what your saying.....

As for me reading a bit more carefully maybe you should be a bit more careful about what you write and not make sweeping generalizations. After all you claim to personally know several employers who flag people with a life as a hire risk. I would love to miss out on a job because l dont have a FB account, now that would make one great discrimination case.......

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You can deny having an account, yet some one in the company may know you have one. The company may do a search in your name and find you.(especially if you have an unusual name) Some ways to avoid this are; -delete your account -change the name of the account(then no one can find you, including friends??) -don't friend anyone (which deletes the purpose of having an account) -Say " what is Facebook?" " I have been living in Japan for 20 yrs." I will show you my MIXI if you show me yours.

Headed down the slippery slope and people just post everything and anything....???? Wake up people. It will come back to bite you in the a$$

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And what about their in-hour activities? Also I guess no insider-info, etc been shared after-hours?

Case is it most companies will never tell you how much they are monitoring. Truly scary when you know the full extend.

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