Facebook chief wants 'more active' gov't role regulating internet


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Internet must be managed, as simple as that.

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Don't be fooled. This appears to be nothing more than a cynical move by Zuckerburg to cement Facebook's dominant market position through global regulation.

Despite what many people think, large companies actually love expensive and onerous regulation and red tape (like GDPR). It raises the barriers to entry for potential competitors. Few startups will be able to afford the team of lawyers needed to comply with all of the bureaucratic requirements Zuckerberg is proposing. Who's going to fund these third party bodies that will oversee the social media industry? The industry players I presume? If a new social network based in Russia or China doesn't join and fund this private regulator, how soon until you call for ISPs and governments to block their sites?

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The only reason he is talking like that is the government wants nothing more but to shut his monopoly down. He is a greedy,egoist who purpose in life is to satisfy his board. He cares nothing of internet, intellectual or privacy laws and I predict one day Facebook INC will be the enemy of the state. Bail in FB before it’s to late.

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Internet must be managed, as simple as that.

Ironic that China is keeping Zuckerburg out. He would fit right in.

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In 2018, Facebook purchased Confirm, which is a Government Issued ID Verification Platform.

Facebook will become a privatized arm of the US Government as the Social Credit Score seeps through the USA.

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The Internet started with the idea of it being an information free-for-all!! Not controlled, not regulated. Complete unrestricted free speech.

I remember how it was in the beginning. And those creating the WWW were proud of the liberating idea of not being regulated and how awesome it was to break all of the rules.

Funny how times have changed.

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"Regulating the internet" is a euphemism for buying off Congress to produce legislation to limit entry and competition favoring the existing internet behemoth like Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon, who actually want to control speech. No different than a Carnegie or Rockefeller in their day.

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i am glad I closed the FB account years ago. This guy is dangerous.

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aimed at safeguarding user privacy.

Says the guy who created a social media empire that's notorious for violating user privacy and selling their information to anyone who'll pay for it. This guy is one of the biggest hypocrites the world has ever known.

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This guy is one of the biggest hypocrites the world has ever known.

That's probably why he will be president someday. People vote for that stuff.

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Bit of a hypocrite Zuckerberg.. just got lucky off a myspace clone at the time, soon will meet thebfate of Myspace sooner or later..

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Internet must be managed, as simple as that.

No it doesn’t. Corporation who collect data and sell them off or use them for their own means without users’consent of knowledge should be regulated. ie Facebook which is ironic.

Having the government fully regulate the internet means they can control anything they deem “harmful” even if it’s general critique of the government. You don’t need to look far to see some governments using the internet as a personal tool to control natives as block the freedom the internet provides.

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Indeed Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg business has an unassailable lead over any potential competitor, start up.

The more regulation, the costs of third party oversight, the more intervention equates for start ups and potential competitors to leveraging user privacy and data portability the more the likelihood that Facebook will dominate the digital social media marketplace permanently.

The next generation of Waveserver Ai platform technology and the development of end to end wire-speed encryption performance tech, areas that sooner or later will come under Facebook deep pockets, to just buy up the technology.

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Just want to say: rocketpanda has answered the question. ^

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Somewhere, sometime ago, I read that the Zucker actually wants government control. Controls will actually cut the competition.

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Internet must be managed, as simple as that.

Only if your government wants to keep people in the dark, like China.

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