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Facebook could fade out like a disease, say researchers


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No this cannot be! How else am I going to see what all my friends have every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, pictures of their pets, watch their babies grow up day by day, every day, several times a day? I'll be so isolated! My life will become like sitting an empty, calm, stress-free zen garden.

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The best thing about Facebook? No one force you to use or visit the profiles. I personally love it because allows me to connect with my family and friends abroad...It would be lonely for me without it.

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Darn! Here I was almost getting ready to think about maybe wanting to join it.

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It won't go that fast. Many professional organizations use it and therefore it makes an outstanding media platform. Even the U.S. military uses it for passing along vital information to local military communities. Every organization imaginable uses it, not just private citizens. So it should be around, but yes, I do expect a decline, but not for it to die out like "MySpace".

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Silly. There's a lot of reason to believe teens would play with their mobile apps but flow into (or back into) Facebook later in life as they mature. I won't buy FB stock however, but I enjoy using it to interact with my company's customers.

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Facebook COULD fade out. I COULD potentially get hit by a car on my walk home from work today, but don't feel the need to report to everyone about this. While they may be seeing a decline in their younger users, the older users are far less likely to jump ship. They have a large enough user base that they could still manage to get by making profit even if the vast majority of users left.

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These 2 braniacs at Princeton are idiots!! Facebook is no crappy MySpace!! But it would be nice to have Skype and Facebook, Line, Viber etc..all interacting!!

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I'm not a big Facebook fan myself, but I wont just abandon my profile that I have carefully nurtured over the last decade. A lot of hard work went onto it, photo tagging and captions being the bulk. I do see myself unfriending 80% of my current list as they do not make a positive contribution to my life. Keep the ones you really want to connect with over a long distance. Having one's collegues on Facebook is just silly, you see them everyday, rather ask them face to face about their day, family, interests. To me, Facebook makes physical proximity less of an issue/

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