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Facebook cracks down on insincere 'Likes'


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As if there was actually much truth in all the stuff we find on Facebook...trying to vet lies from lies, hahahaha

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How about Commenting First Before Liking?

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All I want is a thumbs down button!

11 ( +13 / -2 )

It would be nice for thumbs down.

3 ( +5 / -2 )

I,too, vote for a thumbs down button.

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And how are they going to decide what's sincere and what isn't?

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Even youtube has a thumbs down feature. Facebook upgraded to timeline, why can't they add a dislike button?

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And how are they going to decide what's sincere and what isn't?

“These newly improved automated efforts will remove those Likes gained by malware, compromised accounts, deceived users or purchased bulk Likes.”

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it's not April is it?

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I use ADBlock on my browser but have it disabled on websites I frequently visit and like coz they need to make money somehow, and I totally don't want them to go down (JT, Facebook and Youtube to name a few). But recently I had to turn it on on Facebook and Youtube coz they are getting too greedy. Specially Facebook with their "Like" ads.

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Agree with the others calling for a "dislike" or "thumbs down" button.

Otherwise who cares how many likes a posting has.

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Facebook cracks down on insincere 'Likes'.............................who's most qualified for this job efficiently ? Why............the JT mods !!!

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Logging in via one's FB account may be attractive - and is common to most sites, nowadays. Myself, I full abstain from FB, and I use all available Add-Ons for my Firefox - also Ghostery - not to allow the intruders to bother me. FB is the #1 trouble maker! JPN today is an excellent information source - and needs to live from "something". However, I wonder about the balance between earning a few Yen and banning FB wherever possible. Sooner or later, FB will disappear, since its business model is no longer feasible. Until then, I can only suggest to be very careful with the "Lion's cage" (FB)!

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Only FB has the right to deceive users and compromise accounts.

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No one should surrender their individuality to these sites. I disabled my facebook, they will not remove it.

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I'm eating a Virtual Bagel right now.

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