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Facebook gives users new way to see all their friends' posts


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Nah. Facebook makes me vomit. There was a time when I thought idiots don’t exist. Now I hear them talk about stupid opinions they confidently believe are “science” and “facts”.

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Facebook made lots of money with political advertisings and according to some, its algorithms turned simply manipulative in many countries. This wasn't ethical at all.

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I'd love to have it go back to showing in chronological order what my friends' have posted. This is when they mostly lost me about 8 years ago. I've missed hundreds of my friends' posts.

I wrote them about this when they forced this algorithm but now that's it's eight years later, it's a bit too late.

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quote: The new option is designed to address complaints from users who believe they have been missing interesting posts because Facebook's algorithm omitted them from their feeds.

Facebook has always had a 'Most Recent' option, but it was usually sabotaged by FB, being difficult to find and not 'sticking' when chosen, so they could manipulate your feed for advertising purposes.

It would be very easy to build a better Facebook - just drop the manipulation that FB have always used, offer users the chance to personalise every aspect of it (including uniquely customised filters to prevent anything they don't want to see), then replace the star topology with a distributed one, circulating posts user-to-user, losing bandwidth costs, storage costs and oversight/surveillance issues. You can still monetise it with optional adverts linked to users submitted interests, and with content management software. Social media as it should be: Consensual, personalised, yet still capable of turning a profit.

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FB is thing of past.from start it was something new and yes could find many classmates of people i knew from past.you could get in contact with someone on the other side of globe after long time again,share photos etec.

now its just time wasting,spying toll,promoting open censorship and full of annoying online scams for iphones etc.

i left some years ago and honestly i dont miss that thing at all.wondering why its still have 2 billion users...

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Now every three posts on my feed I see an ad and the AdBlock Bowser/add-on I'm using can't block them anymore.

IG is on the same boat and worse, since it doesn't really show posts by the people I'm following. It keeps "suggesting" posts from people I don't know. I hate it.

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When Facebook first came out, I liked it. But now there are too many bells and whistles and don't know how to navigate it anymore. Too busy.

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