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Facebook goes to war with Apple over targeted ads


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No fan of Facebook but anyone thinking that this move by Apple has anything to do with protecting user's privacy is dreaming.

Then why have they made this move? I'm guessing you don't even understand what they have done, how they have done it, and why that causes problems for Facebook.

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Both sides are making points that are accurate. But the difference is in whom their prioritizing, and whom that priority ultimately benefits.

Apple is making a decision to prioritize the privacy of its users by protecting their information that goes out to the internet. This benefits the users, and indirectly benefits Apple by becoming attractive to those who place a high priority on their personal privacy.

Facebook is prioritizing business owners that use their platform to do targeted advertising. This benefits their customers (the advertisers), which ultimately benefits Facebook by keeping their revenues flowing from those customers.

And any moron who comes in and says "Apple doesn't care about your privacy" clearly hasn't looked into the technological moves iOS has made in their past few versions that make the iphone maintain more privacy for their users than any Android or Windows phone out there.

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Suckerberg wants to spy on you all the while he keeps his life private. FB sells junk at the expense of peoples private lives. Apple, well they are just rotten to the core. I say ban them both! It's a cat fight.

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Facebook is a hypocrite. I side with Apple. There is a reason why they are the cream of the crop and at the tip of the top.

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They both deserve each other, may the worst tech company lose.

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since when FACEBOOK cared about small vendors..Facebook MUST BE BANNED

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No fan of Facebook but anyone thinking that this move by Apple has anything to do with protecting user's privacy is dreaming.

Apple the company with the TUS that is so broad and vague that gives them the capability to use anything any everything in their "eco system", the company that was caught listen in on everything their devices could hear and collecting it all, etc... No it seams far more probable Apple is doing this so it has exclusivity in collecting their user's info and be on the position of pushing the sales of more Apple owned, Apple connected, Apple profiting products.

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So covertly tracking people on the internet is ok if you’re helping small business is it?

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If I’m going to “Side” with either, it’s Apple.

If I need something, I buy it, I don’t need FB shoveling piles of crap at me.

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