Facebook, Google becoming 'human rights-free zones' in Vietnam: Amnesty


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Vietnam is as repressive a dictatorship as China.

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As I have said many times here, Japan is pretty much like China and Vietnam in term of authoritarianism since Abe era. However, China and Vietnam are now tutors for Japan in this matter. The best example is the recent rise of Japanese ultranationalist web brigade, modeled after exactly like China and Vietnam. I have encountered a few of them here and on Reddit. Their tenacity is as equal as Wumaos but their intellect is lacking and naive. Wumaos at least approach their trollings with whataboutism against Western social injustices, while Japanese ultranationalists go non-stop on praising their perfect Nihon like North Korean propaganda. Trolling skills can be taught but speechcraft needs a lifetime of mastery and a lack of ignorance.

Many rights groups often call out Japan on Chinese and Vietnamese violations of human rights. LDP cronies remain silent because their best pals are in China and Vietnam. There is no way that they can sell out their friends. Once again, Japan won't do anything against China nor Vietnam. The Japanese investments are in both places. One bad word against either Communist Party means that Japanese investors can see their assets to be seized in either countries.

Vietnam is now the biggest country by revenue for Facebook and Google in Southeast Asia, according to industry experts.

This is precisely why Google and Facebook won't grow backbones against the VCP. The era of Google and Facebook is quickly coming to an end, as Tik Tok proved its dominance over YouTube. If those American companies don't find something new, then they will be superseded soon. The West is gradually dropping the usage of Facebook, while Google becomes less profitable overtime.

The only way to seek growth here is the Asian market, primarily China and Vietnam.

"The compromise between Facebook and Google is not only the act of blocking information, but it also hinders the progress of a nation, where people do not have many opportunities to participate in political activities."

You should know better that Western corporate giants are never on the side of democracy or anything, except profits.

Facebook and Google are fast becoming "human rights-free zones" in Vietnam, Amnesty International warned Tuesday, accusing the tech titans of helping censor peaceful dissent and political expression in the country.

One more reason why Facebook and Google keep kowtowing to Vietnam. The simple reason is China.

Both corporate giants want to get back into China, and Vietnam has an ideological alliance with China not the political one. The corporate giants want Vietnam to put good words with Xi Jinping, so they will be accepted into China again. In fact, this tactic has worked before, but with the Vatican.

Vietnam negotiated with the Vatican on a deal that will allow the VCP's greater control over Catholics in the country as well as appointments of bishops, archbishops and cardinals in Vietnam. The deal proved to be a huge success for Vietnam as the Communist Party now gains almost a complete dominance over the religion. The Vatican used the success story of Vietnam to negotiate a secret deal with China, and recently it also worked. China and Vietnam are only two countries in the world that made the Vatican its b!tch. Meanwhile, the US hasn't had the audacity to force Vatican allowing the US government to create its Catholic division in North America.

Same story with American tech giants, they need to please Vietnam if they ever want good words into the Chinese ears from Vietnamese leaders.

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Interesting post @Septim Dynasty.

It is obvious that all these tech giants will apply one set of rules about content moderation in one country and forget about the same in another country.

I can share the example of my country which has a history of religious disharmony and strife and there are strict laws against people or groups attempting to sow divisions among communities. However, with the anonymity of social media, FB and Twitter have become a platform for right wing groups to spread their bigotry and political agenda, something which they would not have been able to do easily without social media. Moreover, my country has a right wing bigot in power now and most of these online groups have become an extended arm of the government so FB and Twitter actually do not censor such online pages since they want to be in the good books of the ruling elites.

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That's what happens when there's no media independent from the government

Government should stay out of media

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Government should stay out of media

That's not how police states work. One of the most radical reforms in human history was the right to a free press and freedom of speech enshrined in the US Constitution. Much of the world still has not accepted that citizens have those rights and thus in much of the world, the press is controlled by the government and speech is routinely censored, and critical speech punished. The little crybabies running China and Vietnam would never last a day as a politician in the West where abuse is heaped on them daily, heck hourly, but various media and their political opponents who have the guaranteed right to criticize them freely. The little baby Xi Jinping would melt like butter on a summer day in Hong Kong under the kind of scrutiny western politicians live with, even thrive under.

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Profit over people, how unusual...

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Facebook and Google always favor the side of tyrants and suppress speech their employees and owners do not agree with. Anything out of step with approved narratives will be banned. This happens in many countries.

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