Facebook growth clouded by dubious accounts


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A fair number were the result of marketing, PR and advertising companies using them for campaigns to boost interests in products or services, the virtual equivalent of paying people to stand in a queue at the launch of a product...

Should not be a surprise to anyone..,

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I got a friend request from what I presume to be a male romance scammer because he uses the photo often used by romance scammers that belongs to a model living somewhere other than given in his profile. I don't think that he was trying to scam me but before hitting on ladies he wanted to have some Facebook friends to give credibility to his Facebook account, so he invited me, and thousands of other presumably, university graduates to become friends. The Google image search button allows one to upload an image to see who it is really of (click on the camera mark to the right of the search window). Romance scam usually involves getting friendly/romantic and then asking for money and is popular these days apparently.

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To report fake accounts on Facebook, click the cog link top left on the offending facebook page, choose "This person is pretending to be someone or is fake" and choosing the "Pretending to be a celebrity" option allows one to post a name and an explanation of (in my case a model's photos being used on dating websites).

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Well at least I don't use more than one account. :)

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As a teacher I have two accounts, my private one and my school one - which I use with my students. Quite necessary to delineate the two parts of my life.

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Just use different circles.

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Circles? Google+ has "circles" and they make it very easy to control sharing. facebook make it devilishly difficult to accomplish such a simple level of privacy , it's so much easier and safer to have two accounts with facebook.

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Who will I play with online if I delete my dog's account?

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