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Facebook has 3 billion users; many of them are old


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Bookface is a joke and has been for over a decade.

But I do have 150 "research" accounts to help track certain behaviors. Of course, none of those accounts are connected to my real name nor anyone I actually know.

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People stopped using it because it became political. Zuckerburg shadow banned Conservatives, gave millions to Democrats and therefore lost the interest of 50% of people. People are posting less and competition from other sites that are impartial is growing. Rumble and Twitter are becoming more viable.

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Many are probably dead.

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Yes, like me and I am tired of the commercials.

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FB is just another tool to keep in touch and get some info

It's branding by younger people is irrelevant to me.

Do I care if younger people don't like the music I like or clothes I wear simply because Inc tells them I'm not up-with-it?

Plus another 20 years and where will tik-tok, instagram et al be? Where?

All SMS have negative aspects - and they will never disappear - change but not disappear.

Living internationally, my life would be poorer esp re community, family and friends without fb.

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I use it a lot... then again I'm old and decrepit LMAO

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If you post on facebook you basically post your life on the line!

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Just wondering where does this article draw the line between young and old age?

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It was cool when it was only among college students, before it opened up for everyone

Then the high schoolers wanted in too

Then when the high schoolers' younger middle school siblings wanted what the cool older kids are using, it became less cool for the older kids

Then when the parents and grandparents started using it, that's when it became not cool for all the school kids

That's why TikTok is still cool because the old boring people still aren't using it. Once the old boring people start using it, it'll be less cool among the kids and they'll move on to the next big thing

Don't be old and boring - that's the key

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