Facebook helps readers tell truth from fiction


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Facebook told AFP they are testing a “satire” tag to go in front of links to satirical articles that pop up in news feeds at the service. - See more at:

Call it the "Idiot" tag instead.

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Sorry but if you can't tell The Onion from the truth then you likely won't understand the truth either.

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Sad that this is even needed. Same goes for the number of times I've wished there was a sarcasm font...

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Clues for the clueless.

How about a "Bulls***" tag on articles that people would have found were untrue if they'd just spent 10 seconds looking it up on Snopes?

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@jumpultimatestars and likely they wouldn't understand the meaning of the word "satire" either, therefore the tag would be useless to them even if it had it.

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As if you should take anything posted on your FB newsfeed not with a grain of salt!

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I hope they can cut through the deceits of the Koch Brothers, with truth too.

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