Facebook in fresh privacy row with new policy


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Still like using Facebook? Yup...let's see how low they go on this one.

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Well, offer something better that will allow me to port my date there, & we will see

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what's the FUTURE of Facebook? 2 years thats all !!!

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As I understand it (and please correct me if wrong) it will use your pic in relation to stuff that you have clicked "like" on. So if you "like" Resort XYZ because they say click and share us to win a free holiday, then your pic will be presented to your friends saying Mr ABC likes Resort XYZ, etc. Facebook is free to use, so they have to generate money somehow (or d you think someone is kindly offering free servers and free datacenter space?). It looks like two simple solutions, the forst is to not "like" anything, which is fairly easy. Second is to not use Facebook. Either way, life will go on. Oh, and NSA might also start something similar I hear.

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@Gaijin desi

Don't think so. Facebook has and will continue to surpass all socal sites. Be thankful that it is the only true thing we can get for free in this world. MC has made a mint with his expertise, and he is the only one that the government can't buy!

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Privacy on facebook? is it a joke?

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