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Facebook launches its new TikTok clone, Instagram Reels


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The Instagram “Story" feature, which lets people share photos and videos that expire in 24 hours, is similar to Snapchat.

And is totally annoying. Anything that features a 'story' is usually inane and time wasting. IG used to be good because it had great photos and photographers, but they are now swamped by sponsored scams, foody freaks and sodding cats. There are always cats. And I like cats.

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FACEBOOK strategy - if we cant beat them,, BUY IT or STEAL the idea.

They learned well from Microsoft. I wish the general public could learn and boycott these crooks.

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Interesting timing.... must have been a great "donation" from FB to get the ban

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another shameless copy act from Facebook, what is their own talent team doing, who are paid 10 times more than a average engineer.

FACEBOOK strategy - if we cant beat them,, BUY IT or STEAL the idea.

stupid AAPS anyways.

everyone KNOWS Facebook lobbied with TRUMP a lot to get rid of TIKTOK and will help him win elections in Nov.

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TikTok from Facebook? Well that takes care of any concerns about privacy and disinformation!

I wonder if we used engineering talent and capital to develop clean renewable energy instead of mindless video apps if we wouldn't be better off.

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