Facebook launches virtual-reality work app for meetings


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New opportunity for Zuckerberg to steal data.

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I tried and it soon will become the norm.

I am against Facebook in general.

But the conditions mention, contraty to a facebook account on internet, that personal data are not used, just statistics.

The functions are already amazing, although it needs many boosts and improvements.

As a free app, it is a very good start.

You can lay out your printscreens on a whiteboard with ease.

Of course, we need : higher definitions, more ease to move, more keyboard recognition, use of hands only, and total choice of our screen and size locations at least.

The pace that it has been developed is very good.

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Thankfully, I don't think Facebook will be a player in the Metaverse. Facebook is too old, too unpopular and too distrusted.

Virtual reality has never really taken off, even during the pandemic, when remote work became the norm for millions of office workers and made the videoconferencing service Zoom a household name

It will take off, it just has some of the same problems the internet had in the early 90s. Too slow and clunky, a little too difficult to access, and computer speeds and bandwidth need to improve - and most importantly, not enough content. Yet. Good real estate in a leading metaverse will be worth more than Manhattan real estate at some point.

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Nothing new at all, such virtual meeting places with avatars I played already over modem with my first own computer in the 90’s. Admitted, speed and graphics are now much better, but also the 300$ headset much more expensive. As I remember it from then, it was very interesting and addictive during the first few weeks but then quickly went straight into the virtual bin and the occupied disk space was released by pressing the DEL button. lol

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