Facebook lets users showcase posts on other websites


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Wow! stop press! Somw more useless social media functionality. how long before we hear tales of it being abused.

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"We are beginning to roll out Embedded Posts to make it possible for people to bring the most compelling, timely public posts from Facebook to the rest of the web," Facebook software engineers Dave Capra and Ray He said in a blog post.

"Most compelling"? Really? Have you actually read the content of any FB posts Dave and Ray? I hope we'll be able to avoid having to read any of the embedded posts. Even more reason to go back to newspapers for my news.

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Silicon Valley locals despise this company for their jacking up of rentals and real estate prices. The imported employees are the most socially inept people to dip thru town since the 1999 wave.

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what will be first, cats or food photos?

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Facebook ...... what a joke.

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ESPN now requires you to use your Facebook account to sign in and post comments. I hope this isn't going to be standard operating procedure or else it will be time for a dummy Facebook account.

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