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Facebook regularly data-mines user data and they have vast troves of information on each user.

They know your habits, interests, they can scan all your "private" messages and yes, they know your particular fetishes and perversions too.

Every picture you check or word you typed is used to build your internal facebook profile.

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I like Facebook and don't have a problem with the data mining as long as its not sold outside.

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In the current internet age, data mining is pretty much unavoidable. Whatever site you go, you have your data being mined by those with financial sense. Of course, until the advent of social media giants like facebook, personal information was harder to come by. Companies might know which IP address was connecting to their sites, and what they were doing on their sites, but they rarely managed to get names, birthdays, pictures, friends' names etc.

Even then, painting facebook as the big baddie of data mining is probably a mistake, especially when it blinds you to the fact that every other site on the internet that is run by a company with an iota of business sense is doing the same thing to as much information as you are willing to give them. If nothing else, the dangers of data mining was made apparent to the vast majority of internet users by facebook - if not for the widespread media coverage of the topic which spurred on discussions of information security everywhere, the dangers and the risks would have remained known only to the few tech-savvy users who bothered to think beyond what everyone else told them.

The penultimate question about data mining in this day and age is not who to crucify and stone for the most egregrious usage of an underhanded money making strategy, but rather, what we as the end-user should do to protect ourselves when our private information is in constant danger of falling into the wrong hands. Instead of setting up the modern equivalent of pitchforks outside facebook's office, we should instead be erecting stakes in front of our lawns, figuratively speaking, obviously. Take care not to keep an unsecured account updated on your every movement, make sure you protect your home address, and never divulge security measures you have employed to protect yourself or your home. Plan for contingencies, keep your trusted friends updated on your personal plans, do not leave valuables lying around the house, invest in a safe, always keep track of your keys, etc. Aside from physical protection, also take note of what aspects of your personal life and philosophy you share on an open platform, especially one where you have identified yourself (like in facebook). Protect yourself from slander and make sure you don't disgrace your credibility in a space where your current or potential future employers may access.

All of those are important skills that we must learn to adapt and use for ourselves, because as long as you use the internet, you will always be vulnerable to cyber attacks aimed at mining your data for some third party's benefit.

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A recipe for disaster

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I like what Betty White said about social media such as Facebook and Twitter;Get a LIFE!

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So now they are following in Google's footsteps. Facebook. G+ will be all over you in a few years!

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Don't forget, your "deleted" data REMAINS on the Facebook servers.

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What's the point?

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Is FB another name for BIG BROTHER??

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