Facebook 'likes' reveal your true personality


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Nessie "How do you know you're not actually weird?"

You got me! I AM actually weird, and I know it.

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I too wonder about the standard against which they're measuring the program's accuracy.

I'm not surprised that a person's self-reported personality matches with their likes on facebook. There is bias when answering a personality quiz. Your answers often reflect the person that you enjoy imagining yourself to be. Similarly, a subject might conscientiously like or refrain from liking a post on facebook based on the its perceived image. For example, suppose I have a secret love of J-pop, but I don't ever like J-pop posts because I don't want people to think I'm otaku. Similarly, some people might like a post about an intellectual movie only because their close friends are liking.

It would be interesting to see if, with enough likes, your real self eventually shows through, but I don't think so. Setting up self-reported personality as the truth, you assume that the subject infallibly knows their own personality. In fact, I can easliy imagine that my spouse knows me better than I do.

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Isn't the FB "like" is used for I read your post/comment ???

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I only post weird stuff to confuse FB!

lol cbg spender (this forum should have an up vote comment button)

1 ( +1 / -0 ), the new saying will be then... "Tell me what you "likes" and I'll tell you who you are"

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I only 'like' a handful of pages and the only posts I tend to 'like' are those by FB 'friends', so if my patterns were analysed they wouldn't really give a real overview of my personality. For example, I enjoy Dali art, but I'm certainly not an extroverted person. I just know what I like.

Like other such surveys, it's piffle.

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We already knew Facebook is manipulating likes in order to see how emotions can control us, they want also to decide which post are interesting for you, etc..this company is really evil, I m not touching anything Facebook is involved with...that is why I will never buy an oculus rift.

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Reckless: It's based on the user's self-assessment. I.e. they were checking to see how close the computer could get to what people indicated about themselves.

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I only post weird stuff to confuse FB!

How do you know you're not actually weird?

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Being a regular FB user already says a lot aboput your personality.

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I post nothing as I do not use Facebook.

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I only post weird stuff to confuse FB!

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