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Facebook makes sharing more selective


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Actually, it was quite interesting seeing my ex-gf post of her interest in 'guys' and see her develop & proclaim her "relationship', (behind my back) with some dude in the US.Now,she is convinced that she has had a boyfriend for 10 years in the US whilst cavorting with me for 2 years. I want to say thanks to Facebook for helping me end my relationship-let's keep sharing!

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Never post anything on any social media site that you wouldn't be happy broadcasting to the world.

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As someone who uses social media on the job, we say, "Is it worth my career?"

I'm the most boring Facebook friend ever (my boss made my friend her).


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BTW, Google+ rocks with the circles. I'm much more exciting in some circles of Google+


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Facebook settings are very convoluted, and confusiong, and buried quite deeply. Adding this kind of selectivity in an easy-to-access location is good.

I started using G+ and to be honest, prefer it to facebook now as it seems to be easier to link video, photos, etc. to the posts. The other good thing about G+ is that you aren't limited to that stupid 500 character limit post (unless you want to go in and write a "note", which most people never do).

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It's not new, those features have always been there, it's just more obvious now.

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With over 750 million active users, you would think that Facebook would be better than it is.

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I love Google+ for the circle reason. I can post stuff that i would not want my parents are certian friends seeing. I don't use facebook anymore since I can not post things since everyone can see them and I don't everyone to see them.

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